Thursday Power Hours

Tonight, unwind with Thursday Power Hours from 9pm ET Thursday to 2am ET Friday. Play just 50 spins of ANY slots game each hour and get 100 Oodles. Details on My GSN after 9pm ET. 

We have Happy Hour from 5-9pm ET Sundays too. Be sure to check back then!


21 thoughts on “Thursday Power Hours

  1. Hello there GSNAngel!!! I’m really really going to speak up on the serious problems on this website. I’m not joking Angel to this traumatic crash to anyone logging or staying onto this page!!! I tried to get on the GSN website at around 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time. However, the site crashed and I’m unable to finish my final 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time 100 Thursday Power Hour promo. I’m getting extremely upset about the crash on this website!!! For me I’ve only completed 4 power hours promos for 400 oodles. Now everyone lost their opportunity to complete the whole Power Hour promos.

    Angel could you answer our questions please. Can you produce a Oodles apology promo code for the inconveniences to all fellow players? I’ve experienced the site crash for the 1st time and I’m very disappointed what had happened to me. Everyone wants to have fun including me but we need our missing oodles for the mishaps here. Thank you very much

  2. Good Day. Is GSN going to offer a promo code for the hours lost due to the GSN web site crashing on Thursday night? I was not able to complete all of the Power Hours promo opportunities (or play ChiChingo Bingo) because of this. Thank you.

  3. Received your answer to both my question on secret word, unable to find a spot to enter the word! Thanks for telling me about Promo Code

    • Hi Wilma, do you play the daily trivia? That’s where the secret word is too. Go to My GSN > My To-Doodles and click on Oodles Bonus Trivia. There you will find a question that asks what the Secret Word is. It’s only on Monday through Friday. You need to be logged on to your player name to see it.

        • Hi Wilma, there’s no trick to finding them. We rarely post them (months can go by), but one was posted last week. You can find it by scrolling down the player news page and look for “Power Hours Promo Code Apology” under the Announcements tab, or click here. Act quickly though, it expires at midnight ET tonight.

          • Thank you for the promt response. I now know they are not an everyday item and that helps to know. Just wish you could do something about support not helping me regain the 30,000 oodles taken from balance Jan 2015.Have learned some things you just have to accept and forget?

          • Hi Wilma, I can’t credit accounts, but i can look at them. There was no 30,000 Oodles loss from your account in Jan 2015. The largest single deduction was 1/17/2015 10:44 pm 9 entries into Daily $250 Sweepstakes -675 Oodles. I double checked.

  4. Thanks for telling me where to find promo codes. Was about ready to go to different since losing out after a year and a half with support over my disappearance of 30,000 of oodles overnight in January 2015. Had one missive from them and that was it. ORIGINALLY SENT THEM ALL dataincluing

  5. My Very Dear Angel

    Thank you kindly for getting us the 200 Oodles Promo Code for 200 Oodles,for when GSN crashed during the last two hours of Thursday Power Hours, You Rock.

    I, and Fellow GSNer’s, appreciate how y’all are always looking out for us, when an issue occurs and we lose the opportunity to earn more Oodles.

    I hope y’all had a wonderful vacation and glad your safely back with your GSN Family.

    Take Good Care and Big Virtual Hugs MVD Angel

    • You’re welcome! We had a good staycation – took time off to remodel the kitchen. We’re painting our cupboards, walls, and getting a new counter top and backsplash. We decided to paint them ourselves. I swear the prep work is harder and takes up more time than the actual painting! I think we’ll be doing the tiling ourselves too… watching sooo many videos for tips lol

      • MVD Angel

        Was new home builder, remodeled my own 1929 home and a few for flipping. So, Been there and Done That Sweetie.

        Prep work is labor intensive and always takes a whole lot longer than the finish work. But, is the most important part to having the finish come out perfect. Have y’all considered new door and drawer pulls? it can really add some nice bling to your new cabinet/base color. DIY Videos are a great way to learn, use them all the time. Y’all can also get some good ideas on doing the backsplash yourselves. Tiling isn’t really that hard, however, grouting is a messy job, but, it’s also easier than ya would imagine. Need any tips or suggestions, plz don’t hesitate to email me. Hope y’all share some photo’s of finished cabinets, counter tops and backsplash.

        Take Good Care MVD Angel

        • Wow, you’re experienced! Yes, besides painting there will be new pulls and fixtures. I’ve watched a load of videos and have a number bookmarked, so it sounds like I’m on the right path! Thank you for the advice 🙂

    • Hi Wilma, I’m sorry, I don’t know what EdM is.

      Do you play the daily trivia for Oodles? If so, that’s where it’s located. It doesn’t show up until 3pm ET and is live until Midnight ET.

      If you do not play trivia, here is how to find it:

      1. Log on to your player name on
      2. Click on My GSN at the top of that page (after you log on to your player name)
      3. Click on My To-Doodles
      4. Click on Oodles Bonus Trivia button

      Under the Oodles Bonus Trivia you will find the secret word question, but not until 3pm ET or so. You can find the question up until Midnight ET. When you look at the trivia questions, you can see there are “prev” and “next” toggle arrows. If you come to answer the Secret Word later in the day, you may need to click on the “prev” arrow button to go back to it.

      Hope that helps. Remember, you must be logged on to your player name to answer, and it does not show until 3pm ET Monday-Friday.

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