April’s Most valuable Oodler

Congratulations to billeesmom on being April’s MVO! Read on to see where her Golden Oodle got to visit over spring break.

Note: If you know someone who would make a great MVO, or of you’d like to be one, please drop me an email at gsnangel@gsngames.com 


Thank you for the Golden Oodle and making me April’s MVO!  We took our Oodle along on our spring break trip to California.  This is my son William and I at the largest thermometer in the world at Baker, CA.  It gets pretty hot there but luckily it was only 82F as you can see. 

Our household loves GSN.com.  We play ChaChingo Bingo every hour if we’re home (and even when we’re out, wifi permitting :).  It’s like playing the lotto…for free!  I also do all the daily promotions because they are an easy way to rack up oodles.  My favorite games are Video Bingo Deluxe, Wild Savanna Slots, and Wheel of Fortune Slots.  I check GSN’s Facebook page for any tips other players might have.

Thank you GSN and thanks for all the awesome prizes you make available.

11 thoughts on “April’s Most valuable Oodler

  1. welcome and congratulations, I know you will enjoy being the proud recipient of this beautiful award. Nice to meet you and your son too!

  2. Congrats billeesmom! 😀
    I love to play ChaChingo as much as possible too.
    * Good Luck & Welcome to the MVO Club.
    There are always tips & Trivia help on FellowOodlersChat
    too. Come visit us sometime.

    • Hello. I have seen the FellowOodlersChat mentioned a few times before. I’m wondering if it’s reserved for MVO’s or is it for everyone to access? If it is open to everyone, how do I access it? I’m not sure if it’s a separate website or if it’s on the GSN website. Thank you so much for your time.

  3. Howdy MVD billeesmom

    Congrats on being honored as GSN’s April’s Most Valuable Oodler and sending you a warm welcome to our newest member of the GSN MVO Club. Enjoy yout MVO Month.

    Looks like William brought a special friend, along with you and your Golden Oodle on your trip to California.

    I’m proof that it pays to pick your ChaChingo numbers as much as you can. I also play every hour, even when I’m not at home on my iPhone. In fact, I picked my numbers using my iPhone, just before leaving the Winn Dixie parking lot, (Never Play or Text While Driving), and by the time I got home, found out I won a Jackpot of $4,980.00. Good Luck to You, and All MVD GSN Family With Playing ChaChingo.

    If your not a member yet, I invite you to join our GSN Fan Pages on Facebook, it’s called GSNChatters and GSNChatters Answers. We post OBT’s SW, Promos, Oodles/Tokens Bonus Codes, Share Tips on Winning Oodles and Tokens and All Things GSN.

    Take Good Care and Congrats Again MVD GSN Friend

  4. Congrats Billiesmom! Thank you for sharing your story and your wonderful pic with all of us. Have a very Golden Oddle April.

  5. Congratulations billeesmom on being named April’s MVO and a Warm Welcome to the MVO Club. Of course not as warm as it looks like the thermometer in the background could get! If it’s only 82* at the time, looks like there’s plenty room left for truly much higher degrees!!!!
    Enjoy your Goolden Oodle

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