Alaska Oodlectible

We are celebrating the United States of America!

Ready to explore our beautiful states? Add this token of America to your Collections Box and let’s learn more about the State of Alaska

~Capital: Juneau
~Nickname: The Last Frontier
~Bird: Willow Ptarmigan
~Flower: Alpine Forget-me-not
~Dog: Alaskan Malamute
~Gem: Jade
~Sport: Dog Mushing
~Tree: Sitka Spruce

Get your Alaska Oodlectible here through 5/5.


10 thoughts on “Alaska Oodlectible

  1. Awesome Oodlectible…thanks! I appreciate the trivia that you include with it too…I’m happy to learn something new!

    I was actually thinking about moving to Alaska a few months ago and did a little research…while it’s a nice tourist destination, trust me it’s not a great place to live, lol. (at least in my humble opinion)
    It’s only got 1 decent-sized city (Anchorage) and the rest are small towns, nearly all having less than 10,000 population separated by 100’s of miles of frozen wilderness …and it seems like every town I looked at had high crime rates and cost of living.
    It is beautiful though I think 🙂

  2. It is a great idea to have the state Oodlectibles. They are well designed and educational to boot. Here come the BUT….It will be about 4 years before I see Wyoming. 50 states 1 a month = 4.16 years. Any way to speed up this process?

  3. Hum, maybe do the states with the same letter in one month? I can see how you players in Wyoming will want their state sooner than 4 year. Maybe the team will come up with a good idea for you. These look so fun to collect.

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