Sur-Prize! Sweepstakes Winner – dc47

Congratulations dc47 on winning the Ninja Mega Kitchen System from the 3/1/16 Sur-Prize! Sweepstakes! Here’s what he said: 

This is great to win something! I have not won anything for a long time. Thank You GSN, for all you do for us, keep up the good work.

 Enter with your Oodles here  for your chance to win some cash and prizes too!


7 thoughts on “Sur-Prize! Sweepstakes Winner – dc47

  1. ok..dc47 .that was the winner for the “Swepstakes ” part….what about the “Bid for it” part..and what was the winning “bid”..?…….or am I confused …lol….

    • Hi Phil, those will be posted next week under winners on Player News, as that goes week to week, or check under view all winners here. (scroll towards thew bottom of the page)

  2. Big Congrats dc47!!! What a great win! The Ninja Mega Kitchen System was a prize that also caught my eye when I saw it being promoted, so I too jumped in and put in a few entries on it! But no hard feelings, dc! lol 🙂 In fact, it’s really nice to be able to congratulate the player who won it! Enjoy!

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