Sunday Happy Hour

Sunday Happy Hour starts at 5pm ET! Play just 50 spins of ANY slots game each hour and get 100 Oodles. Hurry, the party ends at 9PM ET and 400 Oodles are on the line! Details on My GSN after 5pm ET. 

PS. Be sure to come back for a little late night fun during Thursday Power Hours from 9pm ET to 2am ET!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Happy Hour

  1. Angel: I have tried 3 times in the last 3 hrs. to contact Support. Have gone through all the steps and get to the end and there is no place that is marked SEND. When I enter on keyboard, that does not work either. I lost 2,000,000 tokens on
    Video Bingo and certainly did not intend to play such. The screen shifted just as I changed it 200 each card, instead of 500,000 shown for each card. (crazy amt. to begin with). How can I contact them? Thanks.

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. I hope you were able to get it resolved. If one browser isn’t working, it might be worth it to try another. I’m seeing a green submit button now when I check, so hopefully whatever issues there were are now fixed.

  2. sometimes a few more words are better… 😉
    MDF = My Dear Friend… etc…
    Have a Good Night ^

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