Introducing March’s MVO!

Congratulations to kroknits on being March’s Most Valuable Oodler. Rick has been playing on GSN for 6 years! See what he has to say below:


Hi, my name is Rick and I’m March’s MVO. I’d like to thank everybody for this great honor at GSN. I was shocked when I got the news. I have been playing for Oodles for years and I enjoy playing my favorite game Deal Or No Deal Slots every day. I’m a salt water designer clown fish breeder and in between taking care of my clown fish babies and my new Bichon puppy PEPPER (in the picture with my Golden Oodle), I can be found playing my favorite games on GSN.

This is my strategy for getting high amounts and getting to the banker cases. I pick a case such as case 12. I pick case 13, and case 11, so I know if case 12 is gonna be a high or low amount. Usually I’m good guessing at this method. Every time I hit and take the deal when I’m sweating, my puppy PEPPER starts barking like crazy, saying daddy take the deal, take the deal, and I give him a treat when I take the deal usually in the millions – talk about a smart Bichon Frise!

Playing the daily challenges games and racking up the Oodles, secret words, Wonder Wheel, daily bonuses, and other secret deals really amounts up to alot of Oodles at the end of the year. I reached my 1 million mark now after I have been playing 6 years. I wish they would bring the TVs back so I can bid on them again. That’s what I’m saving my Oodles for. I need a new one but this is a wonderful site, great games, and very friendly people. I belong to the GSN fellow oodlers chatters – great bunch of people and helpful. So thanks again for a great GOLDEN OODLE, I HAVE IT IN ON MY DESK. Keep Oodling, you never know what you’re gonna hit next.

God bless – Rick W.  from Pottsville Pennsylvania

10 thoughts on “Introducing March’s MVO!

    • Pepper is so cute that I mistakenly called him a “her”! Hope you win a tv with your million oodles . . . that’s incredible!

  1. Congratulations “kroknits” – Rick on being named MVO for March!
    Enjoy your month and lots of good luck to you in your games!
    Not sure how you figure if 12 is going to be High or Low by picking numbers on either side.
    What the heck I like Deal or No Deal so I think I’ll play a few games according to your strategy.
    Mine certainly isn’t working!
    Oh and can I also Please borrow Pepper for the win?
    …..or the consolation when I don’t, he looks like a good companion and comforter!
    Truly enjoy your Month from one MVO to another.
    ….again Good luck in all you G$N Games!

  2. Congratulations Rick! Welcome to the MVO family, nice to have you aboard! 🙂 Love your enthusiasm about the games! Thanks for all the great tips! Love that little puppy dog of yours too! He’s adorable! Hi Pepper! Thanks also for the GSN Fellow Oodlers Chat shout-out and the kind words about our site! There is indeed a great and friendly bunch of people there! Really glad to have you aboard there too! 🙂 Enjoy your MVO month Rick – and your Golden Oodle as well! See ya on the boards, fellow oodler!!!

  3. Congrats on the MVO Rick, nice to see a person from my original hometown.. I was born in Pottsville but my family moved when I was 1 yrs old, and I do miss it there, I would always visit my Grandparents and we had a blast.. Again, Congrats on being the MVO God Bless…

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