Easter Oodlectible

Hopping on over from grassy pastures, this Easter Oodlectible just finished setting up an egg hunt for the youngsters. Celebrate the holiday by adding the Easter Oodlectible to your Collections Box!  Find it here through 3/28.


NOTE: There is an issue with pictures not showing on Player News. We apologize for the difficulties, it’s being looked in to. Thank you for your patience. 

13 thoughts on “Easter Oodlectible

    • I meant that the graphic is not showing up on your announcement however, it is showing if you click the link to purchase it.

    • Yes, I know it’s not. That’s why there’s a note about it. I updated the wording on it, hopefully it’s clearer now 🙂

      • Thanks for letting us know GSNAngel. I had to disable Meta refresh on my PC, because while on GSN an ad kept redirecting me to a java update page(which I didn’t need to update). So I thought my graphics were messed up. Sorry to say, but I’m glad it’s GSN not my PC. 🙂

  1. Every time i look at this oodlelectible i start laughing….think it has to do with the bunny’s eyes. Mr. Bunny looks like he’s been hitting the sauce! lol

  2. What happened to the Prizes. Seems like you could “Buy it now” something decent for 100,000 points. now all you can get are magazines.

    Also it seems like you need 300,000 to bid on anything. Serious inflation going on.

  3. 3-24-16
    It’s doing it again. American Buffalo Slots. This time it took 16,000,000 Tokens, I am so angry. I’ll probably have to fight with player services again. This is just ridiculous. Please have them change the default, so we don’t have to go to support and player services every time. This game takes the tokens even when you haven’t bid them.

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