Daily $100 Sweepstakes Winner – lillianqjv.myp

Congratulations lillianqjv.myp on winning the $100 Daily Sweepstakes on 3/1/16. Oodling does pay! Here’s what she said: 

Wow! What a great way to start the day with $100 win! I’m sure my dog Winston and I will have fun spending it.  Who knows, we might even get a treat for the cat?1  Thank you, GSN!

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3 thoughts on “Daily $100 Sweepstakes Winner – lillianqjv.myp

  1. My apologies for being a little late to the party lillianqjv.myp! But “BIG CONGRATS” on your $100 Gift Card win! Hope you and handsome Winston had fun spending it and that the kitty cat did get a little something out of it! LOL Thanks for the chuckle, Lillian!

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