Player’s Pets Featuring docg.pgp, krazeekimo, and Marlenedzn.myp

Welcome to Players’ Pets, posted every Friday! This is the time we can meet each other’s pets, and maybe get to know other players a little more. 

When I post your pet pictures and story, you’ll get 1,000 Oodles! You can send them to Please include your user name and a few words about your pet. Even if you don’t currently have a pet, but would like to share a picture of a treasured pet from the past, or a pet in your family, please feel free to share. 

This week’s adorable pets belong to docg.pgp, krazeekimo, and Marlenedzn.myp

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 docg.pgp – This is Scampie – he passed away last year at a good old age, but he always slept sprawled wherever he could find a nice soft spot!


krazeekimo – This is my kitty ‘Bubbles’. She is actually a really good cat. When she’s not hanging out ON the breakfast table!


Marlenedzn.myp – Iggy was a throw-away back yard breeder after six years of service. We get a lot of love from this 3.5lb rescued Lil man!


5 thoughts on “Player’s Pets Featuring docg.pgp, krazeekimo, and Marlenedzn.myp

  1. Ya’ll are a hoot ! These pets are adorable.
    All so different and precious from the next.
    Just want to hug and love them all.

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