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  1. Hiya Angel…Do you have any advice for gaining levels quickly?

    In the previous Bingo Bash promotion (the one in the Wok’N Roll room), you needed to be level 30 just to participate, and as soon as I saw it I played alot so I could unlock the room, but by the time it ended I barely made to level 13.

    Now another one’s popped up and I’m a bit worried I’ll miss it too.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Most likely you’ll need to keep playing for a few WEEKS to get to Level 30. At first you’d need to play the CANDY rooms to get some starters and then you play the DESTINATION rooms as soon as you qualify (they open a new one like every 5-10 levels until the level I’m now in). The latter ones could get you Automatic Bingo Chips (given every 20 hours after you enter the Bash) as soon as you pass the amount of different forms of Bingo.

      I’m right now on Level 125 (almost done) after over a year (since GSN been offering it) of playing (usually doing the weekend promos of Unlimited Powerplays. Hope that gives you an idea (some players have gone > 200 Levels already…).

      • wow, thanks syxe! I feel a bit better now because I was kind of just blindly stumbling through it. I was playing in the Wonder rooms to get collections done for my daily log-in bonus, but now after reading this I think I’ll head over to the candy rooms. I’m surprised there some players that are over level 200–it seems like nearly all the players i’ve seen aren’t even at level 15 yet, lol

        Congrats on getting so far…125 is amazing! …and good luck with your games! 🙂

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