Introducing February’s MVO – irish1985

We’re happy to introduce February’s Most Valuable Oodler irish1985! Read about Bonnie’s typical day on GSN. She enjoys strategy games, and shares a few tips with us. 


I was totally surprised that GSNAngel and the GSN Oodles Team asked me to be the MVO this month. There are many loyal GSN gamers here, I’m happy to be one of them. It’s really a neat feeling holding a Golden Oodle that I’ve seen only in pictures.

I joined GSN 2011 when they were running the Toys for Tots promo which we were able to participate in. GSN has continued the good work in other charities and many players have shared a part of their contributions thru participation. Kind gestures, kind people are the players and GSN.

My favorite go to games for tokens are: Solitaire Rush Stakes Edition and Classic Video Poker. Both take a bit of strategy which I like. I play all promos offered hoping to complete them, Bingo, or slots. I check my email for GSN alerts and always check the “players news” for important info as I’m sure you all do.

My person daily go to oodles games are:
1. Toy Chest Mahjongg. I average about 60 oodles from the daily leaderboard. So at 10 oodle fee per game I play only 6 games daily or invest 60 oodles toward a larger win. I feel why play 10 games/100 oodles when average win is 60. If no completed games oh well 60 loss is better than 100 oodle loss.
2. Spider Solitaire: Play 4 decks the game is free so I play the hardest game until I win to get on the leader board. If I can tell I’m not going to beat it I end the game and start a new one, no sense wasting time on an unwinnable game.
3. Mohjongg: 2 games per round are offered, again free games so I play out the clock, unless it looks like a losing game which I will end. I never finish off 1st game, because you can’t win enough points for the leader board. I will play down to the last 2 tiles or plays possible then click on 2nd game for a combined higher score. I have found a end score of 13000 and higher could get you on the leader board for the day.

That’s it that’s all I do and why I do it. OH! one more thing, I’m currently hoarding my Oodles waiting for the next Big Vegas Trip contest. hint hint GSN. Happy GSN gaming from an average, but grateful player Bonnie

21 thoughts on “Introducing February’s MVO – irish1985

  1. Hi Bonnie! Congratulations on being February’s MVO!!! Don’t you just love that Golden Oodle???? 🙂 Thanks for sharing your game experiences with us! I always enjoy hearing what games other players like playing and why. While I’m here I’d like to invite you to come join us at GSNFellowOodlersChat and get in on what we there everyday. Enjoy that pretty Golden Oodle Bonnie! Wishing you a fun oodling month!

    • Thanks for the invite to GSNFellowOodlersChat , I’m sure I could
      find some tips that I don’t know. Like I said I’m just an average
      player so you could imagine how unexpected the MVO was to
      me. A very pleasant surprise.

  2. Congratulations fellow MVO, I enjoyed your story and found your strategy very interesting. Thanks for the input. So intriguing to get hint and tips from other players. Enjoy this month with the great honor of being MVO.

    • Thank you Jerrykary, I think we all have strategies that seem
      to work for us, whether they do or not who knows, but I can attest
      that it can become a numbers obsession with the many times I
      have woke up at night dreaming I was trying to complete a game
      of mahjongg.

  3. Congratulations! It’s interesting how people enjoy such different games. Thanks for the tips and I’ll try some of yours. Hope the rest of your year is lucky, too!

    • Thank you very much. I do wish we had a page here at GSN where
      it was just for player’s game tips and tab titled as such, for those who don’t know or don’t visit “players corner”

  4. MVD GSN Friend Bonnie

    Congrats on being honored as February’s MVO and warm welcome to our MVO Club.

    Hope y’all enjoy your MVO Month and your Golden Oodle. Thanks for game tips, I always appreciate getting all the help I can from other players.

    Take Good Care and Congrats Again

  5. Congratulations irish1985 on being named the MVO for February!
    Enjoy, enjoy,enjoy that Golden Oodle!
    ….and Thank You for your tips and fresh perspective on how and why
    to play other games within G$N.
    It’s so easy to get stuck on our favorites and any enticement to suade
    me away to new ones is a good thing!
    Especially when they come with accompanying tips ….
    And truly lucky you as this is a Leap Year you get 1 extra day to enjoy
    that beautiful shiny golden Oodle ……………

  6. Thank you for all the great tips on the GSN games. I lovr the app. I can’t wait to start playing some games here in s minute.

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