This Week’s Sur-Prize is a Ninja Mega Kitchen System!

We have a “sur-prize” for our Oodlers! We are offering a Ninja Mega Kitchen System. The Nutri Ninja technology provides smooth, nutrient-rich beverages filled with vitamins and fiber. 

~To check out details for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, click here.

There are two ways to win – you can bid in the Auction AND enter the Sweepstakes. Bid and enter today (just click on the tabs above the prize). Hurry! This auction & sweepstakes will end on 3/1


12 thoughts on “This Week’s Sur-Prize is a Ninja Mega Kitchen System!

        • Oh I see, thank you for explaining. There must be a few school of thoughts on that. I know some players seem to prefer trying their luck at the daily $100 sweepstakes, and other daily or monthly ones.

          • *gasp* It’s a NINJA, it’s not just a blender. It’s like a magic machine for your kitchen. 😀
            On a serious note, of course it might not appeal to some people. You have a choice to bid on it, enter the sweeps for it, or not.

  1. Hello Angel, Celestial Guardian of GSNers everywhere. Thanks for listening to our requests for better prizes. OK, we’re not back to the days of being able to “Buy” merchandise directly with our oodles, which is something we would all love, but we are getting some auctions and contests, so Thanks.

    • You’re welcome! I have been passing along all the feedback to the prize center team. They’re happy to have it, it helps them too. 🙂

  2. I just was told that I just won the NINJA SYSTEM and it was still a reasonable. I have been saving my Oodles so I could bid on different items so if anyone says different they had better rethink about the offers and save your Oodles it is very attainable to get. Thank You GSN and you for all you do for us.


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