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  1. What’s with this Different promo, different amount of oodles for different players? For me it’s 10 rounds of Solitaire Rush Stakes edition for 150 oodles. For my husband it’s 75 spins of Wheel of Fortune Slots or Deal or No Deal Slots for 120 Oodles up to 3 times for a total of 360 oodles. I’m curious if there are any other variations out there. This weekend we had the same game choices but I could only earn 200 oodles but he was able to earn 300 oodles for the same number of spins. I appreciate that we’re not getting Video Bingo all the time this month but this doesn’t seem right either.

    • Hi Mary, the marketing team is experimenting with different weekly offerings. The different promotions will have different Oodles values based on numbers of plays, etc. This is a new idea, and they will most likely tweak as they go. I think it will be fun to see what’s offered every few days! Maybe you’ll get the WoF one next 🙂

      • So what happens if one is left on the short end of the oodles promo? Will one be allowed to make these oodles up or is one screwed out of those oodles? Note: I understand what marketing is doing. But it should be the decision of the user to pick the promo of his/her choosing.

        • Hi Jim, perhaps the promos will rotate around like they do when everyone gets the same… so if someone gets more one week, they might get the lesser ones a next week. I really don’t know, but I’m also passing all comments and observations on!

  2. Angel
    I know your just the messenger but can you deliver a message back to the marketing team? Players are going to play most any game to earn oodles if it is worth their while. The true problem is oodles are about worthless these days. Any decent prize is by sweepstakes and you may as well just delete your oodles if you think you have a chance at getting the prize. At least you are not loosing everything you worked hard at getting if it is a bid and to buy a prize is long gone. Ask them to consider having players wanting to increase oodles because of what they can win and not because of the favorite games. If I want to increase my oodles it doesnt matter if it is WoF Bingo or Deuces Wild. Otherwise I only play what I like not because of the bonus.

  3. Hi Angel, I agree with Lucy that the sweepstakes are useless and the bids are a guessing game to see if you get it or not. I would like to see and be more interested in being able to use your oodles to buy gift cards. Maybe switch out the gift cards you can buy either weekly or monthly. I would be the most interested in Barnes and Noble, ITunes, regular visa gift cards or restaurant cards. I do know that this depends a lot on the networking between GSN and the stores. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  4. Angel, thanks for working late and answering concerns. I agree with Jim that it should be up to the player as to how many oodles they want to go for. At least give a choice of games and number of spins or plays but they have the same number of oodles awarded. Maybe 10 for bingo, 25 for the card/roulette games, or 75-100 for spinning games.

  5. MVD Angel

    Betting I received as many FB Messages and Twitter PM’s as Players Services and You Sweetie LOL.. But, had no idea what to tell them about what was going on until I read this thread. Just posted link it on GSNChatters and Twitter.

    Thanks for explaining what’s up with different Promos. GSN’s Marketing Team’s experiment isn’t going over very well with a lot of GSNer’s. At least with the one’s who are only getting 150 Oodles, that is.


  6. i agree with lucy…oodles are just about worthless….i really liked saving up for old dvd’s of series and books…maybe they could offer movies ……

  7. I give up. I have clicked on every word, picture, etc. in the announcement and have found no link. I have gone to GSN. Color me stupid. I have never failed to find the link to click on in these promotions. I’m sure it is right in front of me but I don’t see it.

    • Hi, just click on the underlined blue words, those are always the links in posts. If you’re not logged on to your player name on GSN.com, it won’t take you to My GSN, it will just take you to the main GSN.com page. But log in, click on My GSN, and you’re there. 🙂 (there’s a possibility if you’re using a pop-up blocker the link might not be popping up for you too)

  8. I couldn’t agree more with Lucy. I began building my oodles balance years ago when I realized that it would take quite a few in order to successfully bid on a desirable item. I began taking advantage of every opportunity that was offered, including watching all the videos that were offered. Now that I have amassed a sizable amount of them, I find that they are virtually useless. In the “buy it now” category, I have no need for an oodlectible, a magazine subscription (which GSN probably gets paid to promote), a magnet, or an umbrella that I can carry around advertising GSN. In the “bid for it” category, I can try to win a $25 gift certificate or a Ninja Mega Kitchen System that GSN undoubtedly gets paid to promote in return for including a link to their website. GSN gets paid for every hit on the videos we watch in order to earn oodles. What happened to the $200 Keurig coffeemaker that I could bid for when I started aggressively earning oodles? Come on GSN. Stop being greedy and keeping all of the profits for yourself. Reward those who help you earn those profits with real, desirable prizes. If you don’t, I think you’re going to find that those of us who have loyally contributed their time to your bottom line are going to stop doing that. Why should we keep watching videos that earn you money when none of that is coming back to us. You can’t tell me that GSN can’t afford to offer a few thousands of dollars worth of prizes each week out of all those earnings. That’s pocket change for a company like yours. What better way to attract people to your website than the prospect of earning something valuable. It’s only good marketing. And don’t just “pass along” our comments to some underling who has no power or incentive to make change. Make sure that it gets to the highest levels, to people who can do something about it.

    • Hi Jerry, appreciate your feedback as well. To clarify, our prizes like the Ninja are not sponsored. We order it form Amazon, and there are no special deals. If we do have sponsored auctions or sweepstakes, we note that in the Prize Center description. Also, when I pass the comments on, they’re to all the “levels,” including the highest.

  9. I am thinking that gsn wants to go to all cash games and will continue to try to discourage the other players until they quit This game is nothing like we once signed up for

  10. I love this,what a great idea.Maybe if they see the players like myself that don’t enjoy bingo it will not be offered to us. 🙂

  11. I to have clicked on the link and disabled the pop up blocker but it takes me to my gsn active promotions and no chance to win anything!

    • Hi, you’ve actually completed the promo. Scroll all the way to the bottom of My GSN, and look under “completed.”
      2/23/2016 12:16 pm Score 360 Oodles

  12. Here’s an idea for GSN, I know it sounds crazy, but it’s one GSN hasn’t actually tried…LISTEN to what your Player/Customers want. A real nice start would be to offer some REAL prizes that most of us could afford to get. Yeah I know the way it is now with so many having accumulated HUGE Oodles balances because there hasn’t been anything to buy that GSN would go broke fast. Only two ways around that, either GSN sucks it up and takes a temporary lose, or zero everyone’s Oodles account out and start over.

  13. I agree with many who have commented here. A few years ago GSN started aggressively cutting down the “Buy It Now” prizes in favor of almost exclusively auctions and sweepstakes and a bunch of worthless oodlectibles. Nobody was happy about this (in spite of what GSN tried to tell us… that people wanted more sweepstakes). I was still placated with the Book and DVD of the Week that was available up until several months ago… but that too has now been cut.

    Another huge disappointment was that there were no special prizes last December for Black Friday and Cyber Monday… something I think we all were counting on to spend the oodles we had been saving for a decent shot at getting something tangible and valuable–a gift card– either through multiple sweepstakes or multiple auctions with lots of prizes.

    Add all of this in with no more “Double Oodles Days” (something that hasn’t happened since I can’t remember when… yet I still save up my Wonder Wheel spins) and something that is very hurtful: No more community. What happened to the promise of the returned message boards? I knew from the minute it was announced that they were being “re-tooled” that they would not be back in any similar form. The sense of friendship and community here would be shattered. I miss so much the weekend games Angel used to come up with for us to play… or the contests where we submitted poems and such for oodles (the fun was in creating and reading the responses… the oodles were just a bonus).

    This site epitomizes the phrase, “All good things must come to an end.”


    Michelle (aka “squishmar”)

  14. I agree with Lucy, 20 ounce, VictoriaRegent & Jerry. Oodles are just about worthless. I invested a lot of time into earning all these oodles and now there’s nothing worthwhile to spend them on. You no longer even have the specials on holidays where it cost low amounts of oodles to bid on something. All the time & effort I put into accumulating all these oodles isn’t worth what I’m getting out of it and hasn’t been for a long time.
    And with regards to cash games on world winner, the biggest mistake I ever made was switching to being a cash player. I’m not wasting any more money, and they won’t let me switch back to being a non cash player, so I’m shut out of earning all the oodles with the various promotions like I did before I switched. But since the oodles are just about worthless any way, I guess it’s a moot point.

  15. I also miss the Daily Challenge. You could get up to 300 Oodles sometimes with watching the videos or answering the trivia. Sure wish they would bring it back. Thanks for listening.

  16. I think this was one of the best promos gsn has ever offered I have had the best luck this week have never won more tokens and oodles since I joined please keep up the good work and thank you all at gsn for all of your hard work.

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