This Week’s Sur-Prize in the Prize Center

Every so often, we will have a “sur-prize” for our Oodlers. This week, we are offering a Secret Garden Coloring Book, Colored Pencils, and Gel Pens.  Coloring is a great way to relax and de-stress. This book is fun for both adults and older children. Details here. Note, you can either enter a sweeps for it, or bid for it.


12 thoughts on “This Week’s Sur-Prize in the Prize Center

  1. 8 Day Auction for a Coloring Book…I don’t think this is something GSN should be bragging about. Many of us have been around long enough and remember when there were actual prizes of value that could be bought with the “BUY IT NOW” Option, from Gift Cards to Big Screen T.V.’s. T-Shirt & Coloring Book Auctions, Sweepstakes and Magazine Subscriptions are pathetic excuses for prizes.

    • Adult coloring books are pretty popular right now. It’s a fun prize. I understand it might not appeal to you, but it will to others.

      • Well you’re completely wrong, it did appeal to me, in fact I enjoy adult coloring and I was excited to see this, but was soon disappointed when I saw it was an 8 DAY AUCTION instead of a “Buy It Now” prize. I foolishly thought for a moment that GSN was actually listening to what their CUSTOMERS WANT and that’s some REAL prizes to spend their HARD EARNED Oodles on. But I guess this is what they meant when they kept telling us to wait for the NEW & IMPROVED GSN.

        • I see what you’re saying Jeff. The Oodles program has evolved and changed since it was first introduced in its experimental phase a number of years ago. The Oodles program has many more participants now, and for us to offer Buy It Now prizes we’d need to reduce the sweepstakes and charge, for example, millions of Oodles for a light bulb.

  2. I love it! I just bought a adult coloring book last weekend. They are great! Coloring is supposed to help with anxiety & stress. It does for me. 🙂

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