Introducing Tetris Burst and a Tetris Burst Oodlectible!

Fresh-squeezed Tetris Burst is ready for your first taste! Enjoy the Tetris you know and love, but with a flavorful twist. Now you can play the iconic puzzle game with these new power-ups:

  • Mino Shower: fills the Matrix with Minos and then instantly clears all completed lines.
  • Double Up: doubles the points you earn over a 10-second period.
  • Juice Wave: unleashes a wave of juice that clears the bottom 4 rows of the Matrix.

Play for free now!


Also, a new Tetris Burst Oodlectible is ready to burst into your collection box! You can find it here through 1/31.

Personal note – this is my new favorite game! Let us know what you think in comments below- GSN Angel

4 thoughts on “Introducing Tetris Burst and a Tetris Burst Oodlectible!

  1. fun game, use to play this game years ago…..addicted to it. I can not play for cash because i live in a restricted state of Tn. hope to move out as soon as possible. because i like playing for cash.

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