Promo Code Power Hours Apology

powe(2)We’re very sorry last night’s Power Hours didn’t start until 11pm ET, instead of 9pm ET. The issue has been resolved for next week. 

Please accept this promo code as our apology: POWERHOUR. You can redeem this code on My GSN for 200 Oodles. Please redeem soon as it expires Sunday night (1/31) at 11:59pm ET.

14 thoughts on “Promo Code Power Hours Apology

  1. Hello there GSNAngel!!! Thank you very much for solving the problems to last night’s Happy Hour!!! I’ve got my oodles in my account for the inconveniences here. Angel I’ve mentioned to you my typed previous post about the 9:00 p.m. EST Happy Hour part. Where it didn’t appear in myGSN at all!!! Also, I’ve typed that everyone is in deep sorrow on lost opportunity to earn oodles.

    However, I’ve read your post about rather respond to everyone’s posts. I understand that my post didn’t appear on the Power Hours page. You resolved this issues by giving us a promo code!!! It shouldn’t happen again for the next Power Hour promo. Once again, thanks for going over the issues to everyone here Angel!!!

  2. Not much of an apology since I lost more than 200 oodles trying to play at 9 and 10 and gave up on it being repaired for the other 3 hours since it was after business hours and I didn’t think anyone would show up to fix it.. I reported the oodles loss to the support staff but don’t expect a better answer. These problems with promotions are occurring a great deal lately. I would expect more professionalism. In case it isn’t obvious, I am very unhappy with your service.

    • Player Services will get your email VictoriaRegent. I’m guessing they had hundreds of emails about this, so it might take a little while to get through all of them. I have passed your feedback on to the web team.

  3. Thanks for all your kindness in trying to help us players (software issues do pop-up from time to time, that’s expected for a webpage trying to let play thousands of players at the same time) and trying NOT to be repetitive…

    GRACIAS again!

    PS: As I’ve stated in my previous message I did waited until the link problem was solved to get directly into Player Services for them to look it in the morning hours when they came back and act accordingly, which they did.

  4. wow 20.00 to buy extra stuff for bingo???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is ridiculous!!!!!! come on.

  5. I was worry about power hour, and then I saw there was a problem with the game.Thanks for the promo code to get my oodles!!!! I love playing on GSN!!!

  6. Thank you and the Team for making the right judgement call on giving us the correct amount of Oodles when this was down.. Please send my regards to the team at Player Services for me as well.. I did contact them and also Thanked them but it is always nice to hear it again.. 🙂

  7. Thank You.
    It was an obvious problem and I knew you’d work it out one way or another.
    Not like it was the very First Power Hours on Thursday.
    Moving on . . . . . Good Luck to all in your games ! ! ! !

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