Introducing January’s Most Valuable Oodler

We’re excited to announce doubleduece as our first MVO of 2016! Not only does she have some great tips, she’s also very involved in an online GSN fan group. Read on to learn more! 

MVO pic that I sent to GSN Angel

Oh my goodness, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I got the E-mail from GSNAngel saying I had been chosen as January’s MVO!!!  I read the E-mail three times just to be sure I wasn’t seeing things! lol

Hi everybody!!! My name is Sara and I’m honored beyond words at becoming a member of the MVO family! What a fabulous way to ring in the New Year!!!!!!!!  Before I go any further, I would first like to say: I LOOOOVE MY GOLDEN OODLE!!!!!!!! I was like September’s MVO, jerrykary, the day I got it in the mail! I went running through the house to show it to my husband and all the way up the stairs, I was yelling, “Lookie what I got in the mail today!!!!!”  He later told some friends of ours that I was jumping up and down and squealing like a kid on Christmas morning!!! lol I felt like one too! I wish THIS for each and everyone one of you folks, because I’m here to tell you, it’s quite a rush owning one of these pretty little Golden Oodles!!! I’ve wanted one ever since the very first time I saw an MVO holding one, and happily, I now do! So, the moral of this story is…keep logging into GSN everyday and keep on playing the great games here and one day you just might get a surprise E-mail from GSN Angel too! 

Ok, now that I’ve made it known that I’m in love with an Oodle, time to tell you a little about some of my experiences as a player on the GSN game site. To be honest with you, I had never been much of a gamer before registering at GSN. My favorite past time has always been writing. I write songs, poems and short stories and have been doing it for years! So I guess because of my love for writing when I did play the occasional game they were usually word games, like Scrabble and Boggle and crossword puzzles. But a few years ago I got an ipad for Christmas and one night while checking out the apps for an online Scrabble game I saw the GSN mobile app. I’ve always loved playing slots, and wouldn’t you know, there as big as life on the GSN mobile app was a big ol’ Wheel of Fortune slots game calling my name! So I registered and started playing Wheel of Fortune slots (as well as all the other games in the GSN mobile games) and discovered I enjoyed it immensely! Of course, you already know the rest of this story! lol So, in essence, it was actually an ipad that led me to the GSN game site and, like most of us here, I’ve been hooked ever since!!!

Over the years, I have enjoyed playing a lot of games on the GSN game site, but none quite as much as I enjoy playing Cubis. I’m a total and complete Cubis addict! I can sit in front of my PC for hours on end playing that game! When I first started playing it though, even after reading “How to Play” I still didn’t fully understand everything I was suppose to do in order to make good scores. But then a fellow oodler on the old GSN Message Boards told me the rules were a lot more detailed in the Cubis in the “Cash Games. He was soooo right! So for any newcomers reading this, and for anyone who may not have played Cubis yet, I’m now paying it forward: Go read the “RULES” in Cash Games before you begin playing Cubis! It will be well worth your time!

 I also enjoy playing Mahjongg Toy Chest and Mahjongg Dimensions. On Mahjongg Toy Chest I’ve always like the Crazy Eights part of this game. Lately, it’s sort of become a personal challenge of mine to try and see if I can score close enough to a number with an 8 in it, so that as I move up or down on the Leaderboard, it might hopefully land on an 8 at day’s end. And, of course, we all know what landing on a Crazy Eight gets us! Looooots more oodles come midnight! Okay, I just realized this probably sounds a bit crazy period! lol But it’s just my little game within a game that I like to play – and one that only a fellow oodler would understand.

As you already know, playing the slots games is also something I enjoy doing on the GSN site. However, my favorite slots game tends to change as new ones are added. But, at the moment, Blazing Cherries and Wild Savannah Slots are my fav’s.

I also like playing the Match and Win scratch off’s in the Prize Center. So does my 13  year old grand daughter!!! If I would let her, she would totally wipe out my oodle stash when she comes to visit…and she almost did the week of Thanksgiving!!! But seeing her enjoying oodles as much as I do makes me a happy oodling grand-mom!

Playing the games on GSN is also what ultimately led to me becoming a Moderator of an online forum called “GSN Fellow Oodlers Chat” where we chat daily about everything GSN!    We also post all the Trivia answers there on a daily basis. All our members at FOC are all GSN fellow oodlers and our FOC Admin Team are dedicated GSN Ambassadors in every sense of the word. Speaking of which, I’d like to give a big shout-out to the other 4 members who make up our staff at FOC. So a big thanks and big (((Hugs))) to: kittyx11, Vee, x0lelee0x and Callie…better known in our little community as the FOC Mod Squad! Can you believe this. guys???? Wow! I’m still in a bit of shock myself! lol Thanks, also, to all of our great FOC members who daily support us.

As you can see, playing the games and getting involved on the GSN game site has been a wonderful experience for me! Over the years one thing has led to another and a combination of all those things are what has ultimately brought me here today and awarded me the pleasure of being able to say…… THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH GSN FOR THIS GREAT HONOR !!!!!!!  I love, love, love my Golden Oodle and will be showing it off with pride!!!

Thanks for reading, everyone – and Happy Oodling!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Thank you kittyx11!!! And just so you know, you and Fellow Oodlers Chat are partially responsible for me being this month’s MVO. Being a part of FOC is a big reason that I have wanted to try different things here on the game site so that I would be in the know and hopefully be able to help others and answer game related questions for players in the forum. Thank you so much for creating this great little place for us Oodlers to go and share these kinds of things with each other and helping to keep us players more enthusiastic about playing all the great games here on GSN! Thanks also for asking me to be a part of it.

  1. Congrats Sara ! You really deserve the golden oodle
    it’s very cool. I enjoy visiting the site and like what you wrote here.
    I know just what you mean about trying to beat my personal best.
    you look really good with that oodle. Enjoy your month ヅ

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, incucrash!!! That first line really means a lot to me.
      I have been admiring your’s and Vee’s (and other MVO’s) Golden Oodle from afar for quite sometimes now, but I’m about as happy as an Oodler can be right now that I now own one of ’em! lol It’s been sitting here on my desk ever since I got it and I smile every time I look at it! lol Oh…and among the many pic’s taken of me holding it, I also have one of me looking through the center of it. Hmmm I wonder where I got that idea. lol Thanks again incucrash – and thanks also for being a loyal supporter of FOC.

    • Thank you Monica!!! Hope the tips will be helpful to you in earning more oodles for you! Hope you will also join us on our GSN fan site for more helpful tips! Different players play different games and are always offering up good tips for ways to make better scores and earn more oodles, so hope you will join us. Oh…I just thought of something! Here’s another little tip I would like to share with you. I failed to mention in my bio when I spoke of the Match and Win scratch off’s that I have won the “Mini Match and Win” grand prize of 10, 000 oodles quite a few times now. It only cost 200 oodles to play that one, but like most of the games here, sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s not! lol So, if you do decide to try it, may it be 110 degrees for ya when you play it! lol Thanks again, Monica, and Happy Oodling!

  2. Congratulations! What a great way to begin the new year!! You are so enthusiastic and I enjoyed reading your story. When I was chosen for December’s MVO, I, too, was shocked at receiving such a great honor and I considered it a great Christmas gift! Enjoy yourself and thank you for the tips on the games you play. I’ll have to try those!

    • Hi Ulysses13…Thank you!!! I would first like to apologize to you for not Congratulating you as December’s MVO. I’ve been a little slack lately in checking out Player’s Corner and saying Congrats to some of you MVO’s of late – and also to other oodle winner’s of different events. I’ve always tried to live by the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, so I will be turning over a new leaf in 2016 where Players Corner is concerned and will start showing this section of GSN a little more love now! lol So, with that said, even though it’s a month belated ………..BIG CONGRATS on being December’s MVO!!!!!!! Hope it will be as memorable a month for you as mine is turning out to be! lol Thanks again Ulysses13! Much appreciated!

  3. Hi pretty lady! Congratulations on your well deserved grand golden oodle. And I know you have not stopped running around the house yet! I have just become a member of your GSN Fellow Oodlers Chat , I have read your posts many times.
    Thanks for the entertaining story, great tips and encouragement. Funny thing too, after I wrote my tips in June, I fell into exploring this site in depth and found I too, love Zen Gem, trying for those crazy 8’s .
    Sara, it is so fun to meet you, Now, when you finely climb down off of the ceiling , OODLE ON! Happy New Year, Kary

    • Hi Kary!!! Thank you, for the Congrats fellow MVO – and thanks also for joining Fellow Oodlers Chat!!! >>> (Wish I had one of those big toothy grin Smilie thingy’s to go right here.. lol, ‘because that makes me very happy!!! ) As for reading my posts in the forum: Oh my, you definitely had your work cut out for you girl, because as you read in my bio, I’m a writer so I tend to write waaay too much when I write! But as a writer – thanks for delving in and reading it! lol
      Hey! It may be a while before I climb down off the ceiling! This MVO stuff is pretty snazzy stuff, so I’m rather enjoying myself up here! lol Really good to meet you too, Kary – and good luck on those Crazy Eights in Zen Gems! I hope by us talking about it today it will bring you good luck and you end up with a big o’ bucket of oodles come midnight! lol

  4. Congratulations! Loved your story and thank you for sharing it with all of us.
    You look wonderful with your Golden Oodle…enjoy!

    🙂 Roxanne

    • Hi Roxanne! Thank you!!! Really glad you enjoyed my bio, as a writer that’s music to my ears! lol Thanks also for the nice compliment on me and my pretty Golden Oodle! As I was trying to illustrate in my picture…it’s aaaall about the Oodle!!! lol I hope you will also consider joining up with us at Fellow Oodlers Chat. We’ve love to have come chat with us about all the great games here at GSN and maybe even teach us a few tips and tricks of your own about winning oodles! Here’s the link if you’d like to check us out…. Hope to see you there!

  5. Dear Sara, Dear Sara, congrats on this award! You have really had a great few months! Just celebrating your 50th Anniversary as well! I am thankful I also belong to the same group as you do! I feel like I know you personally! You are so very beautiful on the inside as well as the outside!


    • Thank you Pam!!! Those are some really nice things you’ve said above and I deeply appreciate them. We’re thankful for you too Pam, you have been a loyal supporter of Fellow Oodlers Chat since day one and have become our number one go-to person when an extra helping hand is needed in the forum. Thank you for always being there for us and thanks also for managing our FOC Face Book page for us.

      You’re so right Pam, I have indeed had a great few months! As you’ve already mentioned, my husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in November…we had a really big family Thanksgiving this year…and 2 days after Thanksgiving my middle son got married! In December I got the E-mail from GSNAngel saying I had been chosen as January’s MVO, and we likewise, had a really big family Christmas this year! Now, in January, I’ve received this great honor of becoming a member of the MVO family…my birthday is coming up in at this month… and a couple of weeks ago I received yet another E-mail from GSN saying I had won the Daily $25 Gift Card Sweepstakes!!! Whew! lol So, yep, lots of fun and exciting things have been happening for me in the past 3 months and I’m very thankful and grateful for each and everyone of them!

      GSN Players: Pam (dyzzle) is a good example of what we call a die-hard-oodler at Fellow Oodlers Chat! lol This girl plays many, many games on the GSN game site! And while doing so, she keeps up with the Leaderboard stats so she can let us FOC oodlers know when there’s not too many players playing on particular games, so that we can hop on there and score higher in the ranks and grab us some easy oodles. lol Thanks for that also, Pam! lol

  6. Congratulations Sara! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your story!! I giggled when you told me about running up to your husband with the golden oodle because I did the exact same thing! I was November’s MVO and just like you I also read my email 3 times to make sure I was reading things right!! Sounds like “birds of a feather!” I’m so incredibly happy for you and enjoy this honor and the entire month. They have chosen quite an awesome lady for January’s MVO! Keep oodling on and by the way, thank you so much for posting the chat forum’s url. I tried over and over to get it and now that you’ve posted it I can chat to fellow MVO’s!! Enjoy that golden oodle as I know you will and isn’t it so shiny??!! (giggles)

    • Hi Susan M.!!! First of all… Thank You for joining Fellow Oodlers Chat!!! Last night when I logged into the forum I saw that you and Ulyess13, and several other GSN players I have been chatting with here in Players Corner, had come over and joined up with us! And BIG THANKS to all of you who have done so! Really looking forward to interacting with all of you!

      Susan, I was blown away when I got my MVO e-mail from GSNAngel! I really was in disbelief for a while, but after it all sunk in, I couldn’t stop watching for the mail delivery everyday! lol When the Golden Oodle finally did arrive I was so excited I actually hugged it! lol And, yes, it is indeed shiny – and absolutely beautiful!!! I haven’t decided whether I’m going to hang it on the wall or just leave it sitting here on my desk (open) in it’s swanky looking jewelry store case. lol But either way, it’s already been a great conversation piece. I love the look on peoples faces when they ask, “What is this?” and I say, “an oodle.” lol Of course, that also gives me an opening to tell them, where, why, what, when and how. I guess, once an oodler, always an oodler! lol Thanks for the nice words and nice compliments, Susan, they are all sincerely and deeply appreciated!

  7. Congrats Sara! You Look amazing holding that lovely golden oodle! Thanks for the many tips! What a great way to ring in the new year! Wishing you the best!

    Carrie Culp AKA CCLYNN

    • Thank you Carrie!!! It is indeed a great way to ring in the New Year!!!!! lol I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since I got the Email from GSNAngel in December! lol But having been honored with this pretty, shiny MVO Golden Oodle award has not only made me happy, but it’s also been responsible for me being able to meet and make new friends with more of the GSN players here on the game site! THAT, in it’s self, is quite awesome!!! So, with that said… it’s really nice to meet you Carrie and I hope you will also join us at Fellow Oodlers Chat.

  8. So glad Sara that you have been honored with that shiny Golden OODLE! I just want to say that your posts on the FOC has helped me. I enjoy the extra “games” you all think of, especially with the cute pictures you post!

    It is surely great to meet all the MVOs and I loved hearing about your celebration. See you on the message boards and GSN>

    • Awww thank you, sweet bbstensinger!!! You are such a sweetheart, and we love you too pieces at FOC!!! Oh…and backatcha, on my posts helping you, your posts have also helped me! But that’s the way we roll at Fellow Oodlers Chat! lol Thank you for your sweet congratulatory words bb, they really mean a lot to me coming from a long time Oodler such as yourself. Deeply appreciated, sweet friend.

  9. Hey gang! Sorry for the slow replies! I may be ‘long winded’, but I’m also the world’s slowest typist! lol So please bear with me, as I solemnly promise to reply to each and everyone of your nice comments!

    • Yay!!!!!!!! Big Congrats on your really nice token win, Lila!!!!!! I’m a big slots player, so I looove getting/winning tokens! lol Course I love winning anything! Winning something is fun, isn’t it? lol

      Enjoy your win, Lila – and I hope you hit a ton of Jack Pots with this ’em!!!

      • Yay Susan!!! We’d love to have you join too! lol It’s easy-peasy to join too! All you have to do is click on the FOC link (below) and it will take you straight to Fellow Oodlers Chat! Once there all you have to do is take a quick second or two to register and then you will be able go right on in! Most everybody just uses their GSN username as their username at FOC, as well. Of course, this is not a requirement, so you may use anything you like! So, just click on “Register” and in the registration fields, put in whatever username you would like to use and then add a password – and you’re good to go!!! lol Thank you, Susan!!

          • Hi there!

            Today I will register with “Fellow Oodler’s Chat! I cannot TO GET TO KNOW EVERYONE!

          • Susan Lynn Gazzano on January 19, 2016 at 6:01 pm said:

            Hi there!

            Today I will register with “Fellow Oodler’s Chat! I cannot TO GET TO KNOW EVERYONE!

            Hi again Susan! It appears we have run out of “REPLY” options on your post from yesterday, so I have copied and pasted your comment here so I can reply to it. I even had a bit of trouble finding it in this growing maze of comments! lol But, now that I have…YAY!!!!!!!! On you joining Fellow Oodlers Chat! 🙂 Really looking forward to getting to know you too and interacting with you on our site! Be sure to let me know what username you will be using so I’ll know it’s you. lol You can either send me a PM (Private Message) or just announce it in the Shout Box. Thank you again, Susan! We’re really excited about all the new members that have been joining lately and are busy behind the scenes working on some new forum features and some other things that we hope will be fun and informative.Really looking forward to you being a part of them!

    • Oh my goodness, Susan, I got so excited about you wanting to join FOC that I plum forgot to say, Thank You for your nice comment! lol But it actually made MY day reading that my story.helped to cheer you up and take the sting out of the bad day YOU were having! Thank you for telling me saying this – and hope today is going much better for you.


  10. While I’m thanking all of you fellow oodlers for all of these nice comments you’ve made, I would also like to thank GSNAngel, the GSN OodleTeam, and GSN in general, for allowing me to invite all of you GSN players to come and get in what we do at Fellow Oodles Chat, which of course, is chat it up and interact with each other about all the GSN games – and any and everything else that goes on here on the game site. lol I truly feel we FOC members have become better players (and stay better informed) by having a place like Fellow Oodlers Chat where we can come and share game tips and tricks and discuss all things GSN. And, folks, just so you’ll know, we are there for one reason and one reason only, and that’s in support of the GSN game site! GSN is ALL we discuss as far as games and game sites are concerned. However, we do like to talk about eagle watching and a few other little non-related topics on our Just Chat board. lol But other than a few little ditty’s like this, we’re all about the oodles and playing the games on GSN!

    I know a lot of you players have become a little disheartened about places like ours (after GSN had to close their Message Boards) and a couple of attempts were made to do what we do at FOC but then chose not to continue. But the only thing I will say about this is …Fellow Oodlers Chat is here to stay!!! Our FOC staff and our members there are a very dedicated group of people/members/players and are all wholeheartedly committed to making Fellow Oodlers Chat work and be the best it can be. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to make this sort of commitment to our members without the help and support of OUR wonderful members! As the saying goes, there’s no ‘I’ in TEAM, and as a team with all us working together, I couldn’t be prouder of what we have managed to accomplish together in the short time we have been there! So, I will end this little ‘book’ of mine by saying…I hope all of you who read this will come check us out and give us a chance to show you that we mean what we say.

    Thank you, GSN!!!!
    And thanks once again for reading, Everyone! Happy Oodling to ya!!!!!!!

  11. Agreed 100% Sara. The FellowOodlersChat is always there with the right answers for Trivia, new game alerts & tips, and helps playing here on GSN.
    I used to take a guess on Trivia, or couldn’t find the Secret Word, but now I treasure all my precious oodles too ♥

    • Thank you “Mod Squad Rules”!!! lol Geez! Even after all I’ve written I see I still failed to mention some important details about Fellow Oodlers Chat! So thanks for noticing and helping me out!

  12. Congratulations to doubleduece /Sara on being named the MVO for February!
    Thanks for sharing all your tips and of course I’d be amiss if I did not say enthusiasm! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy that shiny Oodle from one MVO to another.

    • Thank you, mindytbl!!! I don’t recall the month at the moment, but I remember well when you were chosen MVO and I too thought the same thing about you and your enthusiasm at the time. lol There’s something about playing these games on here that can’t help but make you feel enthusiastic! I get into them big time and get all excited when I make high scores and win a bunch of tokens or oodles! Then when I start telling players about it, my enthusiasm spills over into my comments….there’s usually a lot woo-hoo’s in there too! lol
      Thank again for the congrats Mindy and I am definitely enjoying my shiny Golden Oodle! It’s been my constant desk companion (so I can look at it everyday) ever since I got it! lol

  13. YAY! (((( Sara )))) -looking good ! Congrats! 🙂
    Very well-deserved – you work hard helping people get the oodles we all love so much! Thanks for the shout -out & (((hugs))) 😀

    • Thank you Vee!!!!!!!!!!!! I genuinely love what we do at Fellow Oodlers Chat, so it’s all a labor of love for me! But you, Callie, Kitty and Lelee are no slackers either – and between the 5 of us – we git ‘er done! lol
      Thank you Missy Vee! ((HUGS))) to you too dear friend! 🙂

  14. Congrats doubleduece! I just love your enthusiasm! You are so right about it takes a fellow Oodler to understand. Thanks for sharing and I’m going to check out that FOC. Good luck and happy Oodling! 🙂 Keep that Oodle shining! 😉

    • Thank you, barbara thier!!! Yes, please do come check us out at Fellow Oodlers Chat, we’d really love to have you join us! Things are usually a bit slow in the forum during (and shortly after) the holidays, so please don’t be discouraged by the kinda slow activity at the moment. It always picks back up after everybody re-groups and settles back into their normal everyday routine. But, rain or shine, the Trivia answers are always posted at FOC every night at midnight and every morning at 8 AM – and the Secret Word is posted everyday around 3ish ET. So if you tired of looking up the answers, come let us do it for you! lol Oh, and I solemnly promise to keep it shining! My husband told someone the other day that we have more pictures of ‘that Golden Oodle’ than we do of the kids! lol Thanks again Barbara!

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