GSN ChaChingo Bingo Promo Code

We’re sorry for yesterday’s disruption in play with GSN ChaChingo Bingo. This has been resolved. As an apology, please accept this 5,000 Tokens and 500 Oodles promo code: OOPS

To redeem it, log on to your player name and enter OOPS in the “enter promo” field on My GSN. Expires Sunday, 1/10 at midnight ET. If you‘re still experiencing any difficulties, please reach out to Player Services by clicking on GSN Help at the top of the main page.


15 thoughts on “GSN ChaChingo Bingo Promo Code

  1. Thanks to Player Services for the fix! They have always been fast and responsive when I’ve contacted them. You folks rock! 🙂

  2. The odds of winning the $900 mil Powerball is over 1 in 294 mil. The odds of winning ChaChingo is 1 in 1,889,568. Since I haven’t ever hit ChaChingo with better odds I guess my chances of hitting the Powerball are slim to none.

  3. I am not in the habit of checking player news on weekends and missed this announcement. I play this game regularly and experienced the same inconveniences as those who read it 🙁

    • Hi Eva, I did post Thursday night to check back on Friday, that was the best head’s up I could give. I’m sure if you reach out to Player Services they might credit you if you explain 🙂

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