ChaChingo Bingo Issue

We apologize for the issue with GSN ChaChingo Bingo regarding the ability to pick a second set of numbers, and are investigating the cause. There’s no need to contact Player Services at this time. Please check back here tomorrow for an update, as well as a new promo code. Thank you for your patience.


6 thoughts on “ChaChingo Bingo Issue

  1. Oh, good. I thought my pc was dying or having memory or Wi-Fi problems !

    THANKS for all the WONDERFUL fun


  2. Another weird thing that happens after I pick one set of numbers is that my scroll bar disappears. It’s there before I pick my numbers but gone afterwards. Also, the GSN tabs up at the top are too high up for me to click on since I can’t scroll up to access them.

      • The message you posted here stated not to bother contacting HELP because they were aware of the problem and they were working on it.

        I agree with Mary C. My screen would actually lock up and not allow you me to do anything after the first pick. Scroll bar disappeared and no links would work to exit or move to another screen.. The only option I had was to X out of the screen completely every hour after first selection of numbers in order to exit the screen and then had to log back. in.

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