Today Only – Game Credit Turbo Auction

Got Oodles? Then it’s time to score some Game Credits!

Enter the Monday Mania Turbo Auction here for a chance at $15 in Game Credits EVERY hour! Bid now and come back all day for your best shot at a prize! 

Game Credits will be awarded to your account within 3 business days after win.


6 thoughts on “Today Only – Game Credit Turbo Auction

  1. Angel, I know the Prize Center is not your area of expertise, so please know my comment is not directed to you personally. So please just pass mine on with quinnc123.

    I’m with quinnc123, we desperately need some better prizes in the Prize Center to help motivate players to keep on playing for oodles. There’s no doubt about all of us oodlers/players loving oodles and loving to play the games to earn oodles, but once we do, there’s nothing much to spent them on anymore. The $25 Amazon Gift Card is the only Auction on the entire prize list now – and it’s been my experience that players love getting in on auctions! I say this because back when GSN did occasionally put a tablet or a $25 Wal-Mart or Target Gift Card up for auction, every time I thought about getting in on it it was usually HOT or ON FIRE, so this tells me players obviously love them! So GSN, please, please add some good prizes like the ones you used to offer – or better still – bring back some of the old tried and true prizes that we all loved and made it fun to sit in front of our computers all day earning oodles!

    Speaking of the old prizes……Angel, do you happen to know if GSN will be bringing back Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year? Also…I know you said GSN’s contract with the Breast Cancer Foundation has expired, but do you know if there might be a chance of possibly re-newing it and bringing this prize back as well? We,ve had a lot of unhappy players at Fellow Oodlers Chat over these 3 prizes being eliminated and would truly love to see them make a return. Thanks! Sara

    • Hi doubleduece, I’m sorry, I’m not able to answer your question because I don’t know. I’m not sure the Prize Center even knows what will be happening in a year yet. 🙂 I have passed your post along to the Prize Center team as well though.

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