Players’ Pets Featuring ltarby12, sherrilew.myp, and Andrewchar126

pets_fb_470x246aWelcome to Players’ Pets, posted every Friday! This is the time we can meet each other’s pets, and maybe get to know other players a little more. 

When I post your pet pictures and story, you’ll get 1,000 Oodles! You can send them to Please include your user name and a few words about your pet. Even if you don’t currently have a pet, but would like to share a picture of a treasured pet from the past, or a pet in your family, please feel free to share. 

This week’s adorable pets belong to ltarby12, sherrilew.myp, and Andrewchar126

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ltarby12: This is Luna, my collie & german shepherd baby! 

Untitled picture

sherrilew.myp: This is Salem..He is  16 yrs old and still rules the roost!  He is a rescue cat from a shelter had him since he was a kitten.


Andrewchar126: This is Cisco. We found her on a job site cuddled in a woodpile with her mother and 8 other kittens.

We took the lot of them to the local Tim Horton’s (small town in Canada lol) to see if anyone wanted kittens. The local SPCA wouldn’t take them.

Gave them all away to loving families and headed home. About 20 minutes down the highway, we heard a faint mewling coming from the truck’s glovebox.

Cisco had managed to elude us, and being 20 minutes down the highway….. I decided to keep her. 

Untitled picture Untitlure

3 thoughts on “Players’ Pets Featuring ltarby12, sherrilew.myp, and Andrewchar126

  1. Lucky for you ,Cisco hid out, what a great pet you have.
    Luna will grow to be one of the smartest pets you will ever have, cute too!
    And Salam kitty is one lucky black cat. Thank you all for sharing. Great line up Angel. Enjoyed them.

  2. Luna is soooo adorable!
    Salem at 16 (wow) has certainly earned his designated “Salem” special spot.
    Cisco even into adulthood has those inquisitive eyes.
    enjoyed your pets, thank you for sharing

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