Play Video Bingo Deluxe: Night B4 Christmas For Oodles & Tokens

Play the limited time only Video Bingo Deluxe: The Night B4 Christmas and help yourself to some early stocking stuffers!

  • Score 150 Oodles every day when you play 10 rounds.
  • Score 5,000 EXTRA Tokens when you play 50,000 Tokens. Repeat up to 100 times a day. Earn your rewards every day through 12/10.  Details on My GSN.vb-everyday



27 thoughts on “Play Video Bingo Deluxe: Night B4 Christmas For Oodles & Tokens

  1. Am I surprised that we got another Bingo Game Promo that requires us to play 10 games ( way too many ) if we want to earn Oodels…No, just once again disappointed, disappointed that GSN refuses to listen to what their players/customers want. But then if they cared and have been listening to what we want, there’d actually be some real prizes to buy and Oodles wouldn’t have become as worthless as Tokens are.

  2. I dont know about others, but based on my own experience it will take me playing four cards per game at least 500 times in order to reach that million token amount. I do enjoy the gifts and bonuses along the way, but that is way too much bingo for me. Maybe next year the engineering team can come up with something a little less time consuming to win the jackpot. Or at least a variety to choose from. Bingo is fine every now and again but it takes forever to play 10 games even on high speed.

  3. i truly hate this game with all my heart and soul. there is no way you can win if you bet more than 5000 tokens per card. i know you said its random but i have played too many games over the past few years to believe that. i REALLY believe all of your games are rigged so that you can SELL more tokens !

  4. I love all the Video Bingo Deluxe games! From some of the comments I have read.. Not too many players are happy. I’m a Bingo nut. So I love these promos! It’s a great time! 🙂

    • I agree. I love the Video Bingo games and this Xmas game has been the most generous. I do believe that player services or the game creators have listened to us. This has been an awesome game with generous gifts of tokens. I love it! I finished it last week, and am still playing and winning tokens. Thanks so much for a super game with decent chances to win! I appreciate all of you. Again, thanks.

  5. These holiday bingo games are great. If you play the games in certain ways you can win lots of tokens. After reaching the million tokens, I started using just one card each game and have won 2 million more tokens so far. I love the Bingo games and win lots more tokens playing it. I like the slots also but tend to lose more tokens playing them. Thank you GSN for offering these special holiday Bingo games!

  6. Thank you for Video Bingo, I love my Christmas Tree, the techs work hard to bring us this bingo games. I enjoy them very much, thank you! Tiki100

  7. Happy Holidays! I was wondering how to join the Fellow Oodlers Chat page. I just LOVE oodles 🙂 My only request would be to have more real prizes that show my love for GSN. I already have the magnets, umbrella, playing cards and even lip balm but want more! I don’t mean to sound greedy, I appreciate all you do to put fun in my day!

  8. The Christmas version of Video Bingo is my favorite – I especially love the jazzy-yet-minor theme music; no need to ‘mute’ THIS month! – and even though I got’er done about 2 weeks ago, I’m still playing a few games a day. There seems to be something ‘off’ about the presents, though: if I play 4 cards, 2 presents appear – but if they do get daubed, not all of the revealed gifts seem to work. A gift of Tokens does get applied to my tally, but I’m not so sure about Bonus Balls, and finding an Ornament no longer seems to add to my Token total at all, where before it was good for (I think) a 50-Token bump. Obviously, once the tree’s done, it’s done, but it would be good if daubing a present still consistently earned you something…
    Merry/Happy in any case!

  9. Today, Dec 26, when I play video bingo, no presents appear. Of course, I might not get any of them, but having the two that were there before, added a little incentive to the game. Where are the presents?

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