Happy Hour Oodles Promo Code Apology

0We apologize for the Happy Hour issue last night. Our tracker was not counting spins for Christmas in Vegas slots.

We’re not sure how the Grinch did it, but we’ve sent him on his not-so-merry way. Please accept this 400 Oodles promo code: OODLETIME

To redeem it, enter OODLETIME in the “enter promo” field on My GSN. Expires 12/20 Midnight ET. 

44 thoughts on “Happy Hour Oodles Promo Code Apology

  1. Thank you so much for the oodles. Like everyone else, I too thought it was me. Christmas in Vegas is realy cool to play, just love it!

  2. Hello Angel. I was wondering if there is a December Promo for oodles like there has been for the past months. We received a 1000 oodles! Awesome!!! Thank you for your help and Happy Holidays to you Angel!! P.S. Thank you all for the Christmas Slot Promo Oodles!!!! Since it didn’t work on the power hours, I forgot to go back and do the spins!!!!! Dah!!!!! LOL!!!! Thank you again!!

      • Hi Angel, I might be wrong but I think Vern is talking about the 1000 oodles we got in the November newsletter and I too was hoping it would be in the December one as well. Is there going to be a December newsletter and if so when? Thank you for giving us the extra oodles since they didn’t work on the Christmas in Vegas slots. One more thing I’d like to know is how to join the Fellow Ooodlers chat room. If anyone could help me with that I would sure appreciate it! Happy holidays to all at GSN. You make my day full of joy playing games and earning oodles.

        • pegmaster1, the oodlegram usually goes out about mid-month so I suspect sometime this week. The marketing team authors it so I don’t know the exact schedule.

      • I believe Vern is thinking of the monthly oodlegram for 1000 oodles. No Angel, your mind isn’t slipping and i’m sure we players will let you know when it does….lol

      • No angel, it’s not. LOL!!! In October and November, we put a promo code, “OODLESINOCT” and received 1000 oodles and in November something like, “OODLESFORFUN” and received 1000 oodles for that month. Someone wrote the promo codes on facebook and I’m not sure where they found them. Once again, thank you angel and Happy Holidays to you!!

  3. Funny – That darn Grinch…… Thanks for the Oodles !
    I didn’t let him spoil my Christmas in Vegas fun though…..
    Wooh Hooo and Thank You!

  4. Thanks, Angel! So glad it wasn’t just me. I love Christmas in Vegas slots! I too wish it were year round instead of just limited time. But it’s always a favorite.

    • You’re welcome! I agree, I love it too. Maybe that’s why it is so special, because it’s a very limited time only. Something for us to look forward to. 🙂

  5. Imagine my shock when I read about the oodlegram for huge sum of oodles given out mid-month. Both of us are on GSN daily and have never seen this. And yes, I read these every day also. Is this for only certain players?

    • Hi sugarbutters, it’s for those who subscribe to the newsletter (which you do). It usually goes out mid-month, so look for it this week sometime. I made a post about it back in July, you can read it here.

      • Hello Angel I to have not been getting my newsletter I have saved my settings and have entered in my address book but I have never received a conformation email is that possibly why I am missing out on the newsletter and extra oodles?

          • Hello again I already deleted spam today I may have missed it I try to read them looking for stuff that should not be there the remaining spams I just looked and did not see it I have been not seeing one for many months though I used to receive them monthly well thank you very much for your time and I will add I really enjoy all your games and promo’s and sweeps etc..

          • Dennis, they resent it to you earlier, it may have gone into your spam after you deleted it.

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