Cold Hard Cash Sweepstakes

Nothing lifts the spirit like $5,000 in cold hard cash!

Take home some extra holiday cheer this season! Enter the Cold Hard Cash Sweepstakes here for your shot at the prize pool.ย 

10 lucky players will pocket $500 – the PERFECT way to ring in a new year. Enter before midnight ET December 31st.ย 


21 thoughts on “Cold Hard Cash Sweepstakes

  1. Sweepstakes are nice but whatever happened to all day Black Friday gift card auctions? That’s what I was saving all my oodles for. GSN is not what it used to be back in the day. There used to always be a $100 or higher gift card auction going on at least once every week or so. Now all that’s available gift card auction wise are the daily $25 ones. Which theoretically isn’t too bad except since they’re the only card auctions, the oodle price is getting more and more expensive. A year and a half ago or so I got a $100 gas card for about 276,000 oodles. Today you might not get a $25 gift card for that. Talk about inflation!!! It’s obviously time to find another game site. I won’t be knocking myself out anymore to be on as many leaderboards as possible. The oodles just aren’t worth it. I’ll still come back for Cha Chingo Bingo, and to use up the rest of my oodles on cash sweepstakes but that’s it. 700,000 + oodles for nothing.

    • Thanks for your feedback Mary. I’m sorry you feel this way. We do our best to make sure that we strike a good balance between what we can offer and what people want. It’s not always easy, and sometimes that offers must change due to circumstance. ๐Ÿ™‚ – GSN Scoop

      • I see there is a $500 gift card auction for a WalMart gift card. This is progress but without a doubt out of my oodle range. Still it’s nice to see an auction for a higher gift card amount than $25. I think most people would have been happier with 5 $100 cards for various retailers, but still it’s progress.

  2. Nothing lifts the spirit like giftcards for the Holidays!!
    My bf. is so mad, he saved his oodles all year for the
    Black Friday & Cyber Monday- what the heck?
    No notice of any kind? ๐Ÿ™

      • I too saved up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I am so disappointed with GSN. I also agree 110% with Mary C above. Sweepstakes are a ripoff!!! If you don’t win you lose everything you put down. The $100 and above gift cards in Auctions were the only thing in the prize center that were worth your hard earned Oodles. With those, it took many oodles to win but if you didn’t win you only lost the small fee to enter. There is no way I would spend so many Oodles on a #25 gift card that is ridiculous when you consider how long it takes to earn that many Oodles. I am the administrator of a chat room for fellow Oodlers and everyone is in an uproar over these issues. I know that the Casino is all GSN cares about and that is a shame. There are many long time Oodlers that GSN should care about too. Many of us are on fixed incomes and can in no way buy token packages, in other words, play for money. We have enjoyed playing your games, earning oodles for a chance to get something worthwhile. Considering the time it takes to earn Oodles and the time we spend watching all the ads that give you the funds to pay for the gift cards, you should offer them again. I would also like to mention the issue of no more donations for Breats Cancer, this is a shame too. I hope that there are many Oodlers out there telling GSN how they feel about these issues because I know there are many. Oodlers please speak up!!!

        • Hi Kitty,

          Very sorry that you and others feel this way. We most definitely do care about our players. There are times when we have to make decisions that are difficult, and this was one of them. We were not able to offer these auctions, but we do have other exciting things happening on the site that we hope you’ll explore. I will pass your feedback along.


          • I agree 100% with Kitty. We are almost to the point of giving up on the GSN site as the rewards are so few now, If things don’t change soon, I will try some other sites.

  3. โ€œChristmas in Vegasโ€
    Loved that game —- graphics were/are great!
    I’m with Karen……
    Powers that be give us back this one……

    Hey Scoop I missed the last time you filled in for Angel.
    So an official ( ( ( ( “Welcome back” ) ) ) ) to you and ….
    ….glad to see our Angel is taking a deserved (long) time off!

    • Thank you Mindy,

      I feel welcomed. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m afraid that we will not be releasing Christmas in Vegas this year. Sorry about that.


  4. Angel, I stumbled across the rules Can I play for cash? Does this mean if the state that is listed on this & I live there that I cannot win by submitting my Oodles for this prize? This is very confusing the way it reads, that is why I would prefer you to clarify this for me if you would. And also does this apply to the ChaChingo Bingo game as well? Thank you & I look forward to your response..

  5. Where are the winners posted for the shared 5000, forgot name of it. You got an entry for every 100,000 you played on bingo Gobble til you Wobble?

    • I’ve also been watching for the winners for the Gobble till you Waddle sweepstakes and haven’t seen anything posted under Winners on either the home page nor this page. Do you have those winners listed anywhere? Thanks

  6. Hey Scoop Welcome back!
    Guess I musta not hit the post button?
    Sorry missed ya last time you filled in for Angel.
    Looks like she’s letting you stay with us a lot longer
    and getting some well earned time off!

  7. I see there is only one winner listed for this prize on the winners page. It says there will be 10 winners. I am confused. Thank you

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