Sunday Happy Hour!

Sunday Happy Hour starts at 5pm ET! Play just 50 spins of ANY slots game each hour and get 100 Oodles. Hurry, the party ends at 9PM ET and 400 Oodles are on the line! Details on My GSN after 5pm ET.

PS. Be sure to come back for a little late night fun during Thursday Power Hours from 9pm ET to 2am ET!


11 thoughts on “Sunday Happy Hour!

  1. The tokens rebate for Video Bingo Deluxe is not showing on MY GSN page today 11/29; it’s not suppose to expire until tomorrow when the promotion ends.

  2. Hiya Scoop! Just read you’re gonna be chief cook and bottle washer around here while GSNAngel’s on vacation! lol Welcome back Scoop! Good to see ya again!

    Need your help on something Mr. Scoop. One of our oodlers at Fellow Oodlers Chat made the below inquiry and none of us know the answer. Would you happen to know anything about this? Thanks! Sara

    Per bearcatkarl: Did GSN do away with the gift card auctions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I sure hope I didnt miss them…cant find them anywhere.

    Read more:

  3. Hey Scoop

    I know you are a messanger so I hope you might get this message back to the folks that need to know

    I saved up all my oodles this year just waiting for the Cyber Monday hourly gift card bids. Guess what it didn’t happen. I am disappointed. The prizes that are offered have really gone by the wayside. Not only have they decreased in value, ( Daily now $100 use to be $250) no collectables to speak of, the bonus trivia is gone, the Daily Break is gone and all those ads make it not so much fun just trying to play a game. Please let the “folks” know that they should be taking the players into consideration and not just the profit margins. I know its a business but without players (customers) what good is it.

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