Play Wheels and Deals for Oodles & Tokens This Weekend

It’s all about wheels, deals and a whole lot of Oodles & Tokens. Details on My GSNEnds 11/22.


–      Play 100 spins of any Wheel of Fortune Slots or Deal or No Deal Slots (or a little bit of all!) and we’ll give you 100 Oodles. Repeat up to 3X each day.

–      Wager 50,000 Tokens in any Wheel of Fortune Slots game or Deal or No Deal Slots and we’ll give you a 2,000 Token Rebate. Repeat up to 200 times each day.

10 thoughts on “Play Wheels and Deals for Oodles & Tokens This Weekend

  1. i have played this game for YEARS…..litterally thousands and thousands of times.very RARELY have i hit a triple bingo.and i am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you cannot get more than a triple bingo.because you dont want people to just want to SELL tokens. i truly believe your games are rigged to go haywire if someone gets to close to a big has happened to me COUNTLESS times,im sorry but thats the way it is .i dont believe its random at all.

    • I’m sorry you’re frustrated, but please know the Casino games have highs and lows, and wins and losses are not evenly distributed. They are random.

  2. ive been playing american buffalo alot, but cannot seem to get the free spins. I get just two of the free spins.I use to get them now and then.ANYONE Else having this problem or is it just me?

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