This Weekend – Pick Your Play for 375 Oodles a Day

We’re celebrating this weekend with Pick Your Play. Pick any casino game and play 25 times for 125 Oodles – repeat up to 3x per day! Earn every day through Sunday, 11/15. Details on My GSN


12 thoughts on “This Weekend – Pick Your Play for 375 Oodles a Day

  1. Angel: Do you know what happened to the donation redemptions for oodles? I was going to do the $10 donation today, but there are none available?

    • Hi Michael, our partnership contract with the BCRF has ended, but it’s still an amazing cause we love! If there are opportunities to give back to the BCRF and other great charitable organizations in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know.

    • Hi plaskey, forgive the cut and paste, but in case you don;t see my other response: I’m not on the prize center team, but I do know they rotate through different prizes. If there’s not one available now, there could be one coming up again in the future.

  2. Would like to know if anyone out there is having trouble with the Treasure Chest. The ads for the California State Lottery are not loading. Anyone out there with tips?????????????????

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