Play Video Bingo Deluxe: Monster Mansion For Oodles & Tokens All Weekend

Welcome to Video Bingo Deluxe: Monster Mansion. Cross the threshold (if you’re brave enough) to win monstrous bonuses:

  • Play 10 games to score 150 Oodles.*
  • Pocket 5,000 Tokens instantly when you play up to 50,000, up to 500,000 per day.**

LAST CHANCE: Earn your rewards every day before the mansion closes at Sunday midnight ET. Details on My GSN. Ends 11/1.


17 thoughts on “Play Video Bingo Deluxe: Monster Mansion For Oodles & Tokens All Weekend

  1. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to find the werewolf before the mansion closes? I have all but that one.

    Thank you and Bless you all.


    • Hi GEM777 I also have all but the werewolf so I hope we both find the elusive and obviously rare beast before this game ends 🙂 Have a Happy Halloween and Good Luck!

  2. I had to keep playing to get all of them, I did noticed that when I raised my bet is when I started receiving the most of them, you can give it a try.. The best of luck

  3. I had gotten it 2 weeks ago and it came up and filled in and went back to the black silouette. Thought I was never going to get Frankenstein so I didn’t worry about it until just now when I got Frankenstein and I got ny Million tokens, so keep trying because HE IS IN THERE. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!

  4. This game is awful, getting absolutely nowhere. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time playing it all month, only here for the Oodles !

  5. Please, Please! do something about those embedded ads on the top right side of the page! They freeze and/or slow down the game almost every time I play. It is getting to the point, where I can’t go on anymore. And yes, I have tried refreshing, etc. This happens on two different computers that I use. Most of the time, you cannot stop the ads or turn down the volume either. If this keeps up, many people will be chased away from your site.

  6. Hello gsn angel,
    I have a question and have asked this question somewhat before. What is going on with no more holiday Oodlectibles? First it was the Father Day’s, then the 4th of July no Labor Day and now no Halloween. I take it there will be no more holiday Oodlectibles to look forward to. This has sadden me since I have been collecting or at least tried to collect all the holiday Oodlectibles. It helps me to see how long I have been with GSN and I like to see how different they are each year. I compare them and see if they get crazier. Last year when I was looking at my Oodlectibles I notice that GSN put allot of time and effort into the Halloween theme. Who ever is in charge of that department has no fun in them. No matter what age you are it’s fun to be a kid or just remembering those days and I feel like some old gizzard is in the fun Oodlectible department and we who enjoy them have to just muster it up and look else where for that extra spirited fun I used to see at GSN. Maybe with your fun and good spirit you could talk to them about bringing them back and putting some more spirited fun into that department, please…. I will also e-mail them to see what they have to say about it unless you know something that could be told now? Well, anyway you have a Happy Halloween GSN Angel….bye stargaze004

    • Hi stargaze004, I’ve passed your feedback on. Our design team went through a reorganization a while back, and some projects needed to be put on the back-burner for now. Oodlectibles was one of those projects.

  7. GEM 777 I have played every day, cant count the number of times each day and I still can not get the werewolf,,,He must be hiding @ Little Red Ridings House,,LOL Good Luck

  8. Well, I HUFFED and PUFFED and FINALLY got the Million Tokens tonight at 2347 EST after playing 43 GAMES TODAY (not including the games played since Thursday on the Daily Promo). Had to forego my Bingo Bash promo (those can wait another 1-2 weekends and it seems the game had too few players for a promo weekend, it seemed ALMOST EVERYBODY from Bingo Bash was at the Video Bingo Mansion.

    At a certain point (like 2330 EST) it “crashed” (fiddlesticks), had to wait about 10 minutes to try again for the LAST GAME I’ve ultimately needed for “the Million”. Could probably played just about another game or 2 before 0000 EST…

    Angel, could you let the “tech people” take these things into account for future Video Bingo offerings? Most of the players would be pleased if you did…


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