$13,140 ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot Winner – Maggie10643

My PictureCongratulations Maggie10643 on your $13,140 GSN ChaChingo Bingo win on 10/7/2015. Best birthday ever!  

Thank you GSN for the ChaChingo Bingo game. I have been playing for several years now, never thought that
I would ever win. On my birthday day, Oct. 6, I selected my bingo as always. When I checked my e mails the next
morning I could not believe my eyes. I really won. I am so grateful for the money. Thanks GSN for the wonderful
surprise. Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

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7 thoughts on “$13,140 ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot Winner – Maggie10643

  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Maggie10643 on winning the fabulous ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot of $13,140.
    Now that’ll buy a lot of Cake and Ice Cream !
    Nice way to Celebrate a Birthday for sure!

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