3 thoughts on “Removal of Facebook & Google+ Logins

  1. I really hope this helps, this weekend is the first time i had multiple issues with the site. Taking forever to log in,go from page to page, the reels just spinning and spinning, the dreaded Yikes, etc. I am using a brand new laptop too, so it was frustrating. I’m also wondering if Windows 8 has anything to do with it. I guess time will tell!

  2. I’ve. Tried every possible way to sign in ,however no signs of any connection between. My mobile gsn casino game and Gsn casino.com no daily bonuses registers to my mobile account,my loss tokens are at 867,654.can I please get my bonus tokens back,TX,

    • Hi Lynda, GSN.com and mobile are not connected any more. If you’re not able to sign into one of your accounts, please contact player services for assistance. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page, then look for the green “contact support” button at the top of the help page. I’d recommend logging into your player name before contacting them so there is a record from your account you can access later if need be.

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