Please Welcome September’s MVO – jerrykary!

Congratulations to jerrykary on being September’s Most Valuable Oodler. She is a fun, enthusiastic player who has a number of tips and tricks to share. Read on to learn more!


Hello to my fellow GSN game players and GSN Team,

My name is Kary and I was chosen MVO for the month of September. What an honor  and great feeling of elation .

When I was notified, I just started running all around the house. You see, our office is adorned with all the wonders of my husband’s accomplishments, Now I have an  award to hang in our office, My Golden Oodle, Now how is that for a “one up on you”! He calls me “MVO” now! This Golden oodle, is heavy, shinny, classy  and beautiful.

Prior to retiring, I owned a Florist and a Delicatessen for 20 years, I enjoy doing water color and acrylic  painting, floral, wood work and arts and crafts in several different mediums. I enjoy the great outdoors even more, Hiking, boating and fishing, as I grew up on a fishing resort. When I’m not doing these thing you will find me  watching GSN game shows, and more likely find me on the GSN site playing games and earning Oodles. I play every day, even when I am away from home, I will take my laptop to make sure I get my daily oodles earning done.

As I am in a state that does not allow me to play cash games, or to buy tokens, I have to earn all my token and oodles to play. which makes it twice as challenging. I even play all the “reward play” offers and  got enough for a $100 Wal Mart card, even though I can never cash them in, but I will always take the challenge anyway.   There are many ways to accumulate enough tokens and oodles  to get some play time. by playing all the daily games on ” my GSN ” (and don’t miss a day) , they add up fast.  On the ” Oodles leader board” games, it gives you a chance to score oodles for high games of the day, week and month. There are 22 games  listed to play to earn oodles. Even if you come in as low as 200 or so on the leader board for the day, you can still pick up 5 or so more oodles. Take a look there, you may find a game or two that you may have never given a try otherwise. I think July’s MVO, bestbuds2nu2, gave a good suggestion for playing the balance boosters , is a great Idea and they are fun! You may not get a winning scratchie every time, but odds are you will get one, that’s the thrill of it all.

My best weapon is the “ADs” These ads are there to help sponsor these games, so we can play for free. I am happy to give them a few minutes of my time in exchange for some great gaming time,  there are many good products to learn about.  You can pick up 50 oodles for a 30 second ad. I have been known to watch as many as 150 or 200 ads a DAY.

Then I enter some sweepstakes, like the $250.00 a day give away , the Dick’s sporting good card, or the Peach keen Green., Yes, I love the Martha Stewart Magazine.  I got the Readers Digest  and a great GSN umbrella for my husband, the vegetarian times for my brother, who is diabetic, and  I  give to the donations in honor of a friend.   There is something for everyone in the prize center.

I want to thank all of you, fellow players, for your wonderful stories and comments that I enjoy reading, and to the outstanding GSN team, for the great games, challenges , and just good fun you have supplied to us. Thank you so much for this wonderful honor. I am thrilled!

Now, I have to go find a place on the wall for my “GOLDEN OODLE”,

Earn on , Kary



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  1. GSN couldn’t have picked a better winner this time! After reading your thank you letter, I learned more about this site than ANYWHERE else! I know I’ve seen your name numerous times and thought to myself ‘what a sweetheart’. Now I know that you are! Congratulations and lots of good health, happiness and may God Bless you always.
    Annette Mierniczak
    aka MissMyGirlie

    • Hello Annette, Thank you so much for commenting back to me, Such nice words you say! I get as big a thrill hearing from my fellow players as I did winning the “Golden Oodle”.
      I really tried to find a few places to earn oodles that the other MVO’s had not mentioned before, which was tough because they had pretty much covered everything. but I think I found one or two to share.
      I have seen you on the site too, Hope to keep in touch with you,
      Thank you so much for your response, earn on, Kary

    • Annette, I agree with you on my greatest accomplishment in marrying Kary, I realize it more and more through the years. She is a sweetheart and I thank you for telling her that. It made her day. Jerry

  2. And sorry to be SO wordy, but thank you so much for the words about being in a state that doesn’t allow the cash part of GSN. I’m from Illinois and restricted also.
    Love, Annette

    • I Love it, Annette,
      Yes, It is a bummer that we lose out on so much on GSN not being able to play cash games,I am in Arkansas. is what it is! I can find fun in most everything!
      Hey, I took my own advice, in the last week and played some more games that I had never played in the “oodle leader board”, The link is on the “my To-Doodles, I’m picking up an extra 80 or so oodles a day.
      I put you on “my Buddies ” list, Will keep in touch. Lots of love, Kary

  3. angel i left a note to the support team about the bingo bash over weekend for 1000 balls & 20 tear offs and i have not heard back yet how long will it take to hear back? sorry to be impatient and thank you for any info.

  4. Congrats on your great win JerryKary on your MVO and thank you as well for the great tips.. Enjoy you MVO status and hang it proudly..

    • Thank you Christine,
      I never thought I would get this award, with all you other lively, active, players, It’s got to be hard for the GSN team to pick. I am elated. Have fun playing and earning OODLES. Then cash them in and win a big sweepstake! Good Luck,

      • Jim, I went back and read your story again, Personally, I enjoyed learning more about you and your story. it tells me a lot about my fellow player and you look like your having a lot of fun on GSN. That’s what it’s all about. Besides looks like your mastering a mahjonn game, I don’t even get close to those, can’t seem to get clicking fast enough!.
        Wear you golden oodle proudly, thanks for welcoming me into your MVO Family. Kary

          • Thanks Kary. XOXOX
            My biggest tip relative to Mahjong is the names of the tiles. You can either learn their Asian names of make some up yourself. The idea here is that it’s much easier too search for a tile by name than by the description of an unfamiliar design. If you make up names don’t change them because it will just confuse you.
            Another tip is that there is four of each tile in every game.
            Let me know if this helps.

          • Whoa! You are so right about the design, they pretty much look all alike. How ingenious of you to take another approach to this matter. I am going back to take another look and reanalyze these tiles.
            Thanks for checking back with me. I have been waiting to hear what you had to suggest to obtain a better score on Mahjong. Super tip. Keep in touch. I’ll let you know if I improve at the game. I know I will. Thank you, Kary

          • Hi Jim, I am working on bettering my scores, They are improving …little by little. It’s going to take a bit of practice. Thank you for the encouragement. Kary

  5. Congratulations Kary on your MVO win. And thank you for the tips on earning extra oodles. After reading your story, I was so excited to go and earn more oodles, but after a while of searching, I can’t find a couple of your tips. Where can I find the “oodles leader board” , and the “reward play” offers? And also is there a place where you can go to watch the “ADs” or is it just with some of the games and trivia? Can’t wait to start earning those oodles!! Thank you and again, Congratulations!

  6. Hi hapybnch ,
    Thanks so much for reading my story. Lets see if I can direct you,

    1) (Token ads) The ads are under, Home page, you will see the monkey, and a green “earn 1000 tokens, also on the “all games ” page, monkey will show up on right side of page.( these are POP UP ads, so they are not always there,
    also… you click your gold coin on the blue ribbon – home-cash games, all games..etc… the tokens for tomorrow will open.

    2) ads for oodles will pop up same as monkey on home page, no monkey will appear ,it will say… “play for oodles” in red and black lettering. not often but t will POP UP occasionally .
    The other oodle ad is on your -“myGSN” then click “my To-Doodles, so often and quit often a treasure chest will be there on the right, wait 10 seconds ,cuz sometimes it will take a sec to load.

    3) OODLES LEADER BOARD this is a little trick to find. again go to:
    -“myGSN” then click “my To-Doodles
    scroll down, its under the boxes for chaching bingo, bonus trivia wonder wheel,etc….see it? it says “ways to win” In green–OODLES LEADER BOARD.
    under the green oodles leader board ,you will see CLICK TO VIEW ALL. click that, and your in. click a game and get on the leader board and the next day they will inform you if you placed in the top to score oodles. you can come in as far as 330 place on some games and still earn some oodles.

    4) The rewards play is great to collect ,if you are in a state that you can cash them in, it’s worth gift cards. on the daily to do, under MYGSN (on the blue ribbon) some days they have play for “rewards points” it’s usually 25 games of…what ever they choose) and reward you with 500, sometimes 1000 rewards points.
    To cash them in ,go to “cash games” look on the right, see.. green boxes, one says “My Rewards Points” . click VISIT STORE.

    I hope I didn’t confuse you, I also did as you are doing when I started this site, just kept reading ,clicking and navigating . under the GSN news tab, is a folder, “new to GSN” After a couple years on this site, I still go to it to see if there is anything I haven’t learned yet.

    Please contact me again if you need a better explanation, I will be checking to see if you write back. Thank you again for reading my story. I hope you earn a bunch! Sincerely , Kary

    • WOW!! Thank you soooo much. You are awesome!! I can’t believe that all this time of playing, I never knew about these. So glad I know now. Can’t wait to start the oodle-a-thon. Thank you again. You are such a sweetheart.

      • Boy, I’m so glad I didn’t completely get you lost!
        Take a look at the comment below that “Zekester” wrote. If you are on Facebook, Looks like he has LOTS of info for us there. Thanks again for contacting me. It was fun.

    • Candie, thank you for posting, I have not hung it up yet, I keep staring at it sitting right here next to my key board. It is so pretty, and it weighs 3 1/4 oz. That would be 2.9622395833333 troy ounces!

  7. Hi Kary

    Congrats on being Honored as GSN’s September Most Valuable Oodler and Welcome to the our MVO Club. I’m sure y’all find a place on your wall to display your Golden Oodle. Even though it looks to be a tad bit crowded. LOL I enjoyed reading your messages and happy to see how excited y’all are to be GSN’s MVO. Even though it was many years ago, you helped me remember how excited I was to be MVO too.

    MVDF Kary and GSN Friends. If y’all are on Facebook, please feel free to join our GSN Fan Page, GSNChatters. Check our file “ALL THINGS GSN, WINNING OODLES, TOKENS, TIPS & GSN LINKS”. [I’ve detailed the many ways to win Oodles, Tokens and Tips] and our members comments for even more ways to win.

    Congrats Again, Enjoy Your Special Month As MVO.

  8. Thank you Zeke, You made me sit back and day dream a minute of what is will be like after the glory of my special month is over! Ha, I see ,it will be a memory that will stay with me forever. Happy to be a part of the family, Thanks for the warm welcome, and great tip. So nice to meet you. Kary
    P.S. Yes, the wall is crowded, but I have to give my husband a little credit though .2 years age, at the age of 69 he got his bachelors degree. It was a challenge being he was born BC. ( before computers)

  9. Hi Kary!

    I am so happy for you! I see you have a hubby like mine. lol Did he sing the “I’ve got a golden oddle” song too like mine did? Hahahaha I have been so busy lately that I forgot that a new MVO was crowned until my friend Pam told me that I was mentioned in your MVO “tips and tricks” letter. I feel very honored. Enjoy your month and have a VERY happy oodle kind of day! 🙂

  10. Hi Roxanna, So glad to hear from you, You are my MVO idol! You just stuck in my mind as the ultimate oodler. after reading your story, I thought If I was ever going to be awarded MVO, I was going to take me at least 5 more years of work ( or play, I should say)! Signing in 1000 days straight is quit a feat! I’m working on that, Think I have less than a year to go. I also admire your stain glass you have done, hanging behind you in photo.

    Now. you need to send me the words to your hubbies song, Jerry sings all day long and I would love to hear it!

    Thanks so much for getting in touch! Kary

    • Kary,

      Tell your hubby it is the same tune to…” I have a golden ticket” sung in the movie Willy Wonka. (the old version) lol

      Thank you on such nice compliments! Yes, that is my stained glass piece in the background of my pic. You are the very first person to notice that. 🙂 Wow, your idol huh? My hubby will grin at that one. And don’t worry, you will hit 1000 days in no time. Thank you for the tips and tricks. You are a wonderful MVO yourself! We are all VERY happy for you. Keep up the great work! 🙂

      • Hee Hee Hee, How appropriate the song! And tell hubby , I don’t idolize just anyone! I also saw you are a creative, artistic person. I too, have worked with glass and know it is very tedious work. I cook, owed a restaurant for many years, had tropical fish(raised Angels) garden and have cats. I live in the south too.
        I don’t have any kids and I don’t have 50 CHICKENS either! LOL. would love some eggs though ! Hey, I did have a bear in my yard a couple weeks ago. That was exciting.
        Thanks so much for writing, it was fun. earn on, Kary

        • We like a lot of the same things! Wow, a bear!!!! I was thrilled with a wild turkey in the yard yesterday. I have seen about every animal here but a bear. I swear we will see a sasquatch before we are done. lol I love to cook! What kind of restaurant did you own? I would love to share my chicken eggs. You are doing a fantastic job as MVO. Tell the hubby hello and we expect his rendition of the song soon. 🙂

          • Aren’t we luck to live among nature. It was a delicatessen /bakery . used lots of eggs making cakes. I Decorate cakes too. But makes me tired thinking back, so much work, 6 days a week, twice as much week on holidays. happy when hubby retired, ask me to stay home with him. Didn’t have to twist my arm very hard!
            Hey, no kids here, so had to Google Willy Wonka! We better give him a few days to practice ! We need to get a duet going, jerry could sing the bass. lol

  11. Congratulations! I, too, want to thank you for all the great tips. After this note, I’m going back to the site to take advantage of some of the opportunities you mentioned. You are truly an MVP.

    • pati.myp Thank you so much for writing , Look back at the note to “hapybnch’ . I kind of did some navigating on how to get to the places I mentioned on the site.
      In the past 2 weeks, as I explored the the different categories on the GSN site , I have come up with numerous new things I was not aware of ,You can learn a lot by reading, don’t skip over any line or sentence on the page, click on them…new stuff opens. Most of all read the blogs and question other players write. There is so many that cover things that may be undiscovered by you.
      I hope you gather lots of oodles for some cool prizes and sweepstakes. The Honey Pot ,Lumber Liquidators,$250.00 daily cash sweeps……Someone’s going to win it…why not you, got to earn these OODLES. Good luck, earn on, Kary

  12. angel my problem w/bingo bash now they want my user id no. i gave them crazysue617 & my email address and they thet can’t find me. the no is suppose to be numerical. help please.

  13. Congratulations ” jerrykary ” on being named MVO for the Month of September.
    Love all the great tips and many ways to increase our Oodletunities!
    Yup, sure sounds like you caught the spirit of GSN ! It’s a great site and I too enjoy meeting and reading about all our fellow players so Thank You very much for sharing your story. The thrill of being named MVO will long live on even as the Month or Year fades away. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    Welcome aboard to the newest MVO fellow member from March’s 2014 MVO.
    Oh and the number of my beautiful shiny Golden Oodle (that hangs right above my computer so I see it everyday and everytime I play GSN) is #053.

    Game on and keep enjoying all G$N has to offer, Mindy

  14. hello March 14′ MVO, so nice to meet you. Thank you for the warm welcome.
    It’s funny how that # on the oodle sticks with you, and yes, mine has not on the wall yet, still sitting right here.
    After my reign, There are lots of achievements yet . Like, Chachingo jackpot winner, A big sweepstakes winner, Help the donation site, and meet more great players like you. I will keep trying until I get # 1 on the leader board at solitaire rush! Thanks so much for writing. I am having a great time with this, as you surely know. Kary

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