Play Jackpot Boogie Slots for Oodles and Tokens Through Thursday

Keep this party goin’ all week, because Jackpot Boogie Slots has Oodles and Tokens to give you every day!

  • Spin 100 times to take home 200 Oodles per day.
  • Pocket 2,000 Tokens INSTANTLY when you wager 50,000. Repeat up to 200 times a day.

Play now, and shake, shake, shake your way to a jackpot. Details on My GSN. Ends Thurs, 9/10.Β 

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52 thoughts on “Play Jackpot Boogie Slots for Oodles and Tokens Through Thursday

  1. Has anyone else had this problem?
    The ad’s keep loading and interfere’s with the game. It continuously is loading another ad and the talking ones are annoying.
    I have noticed the following two has been a BIG problem for myself. and
    They never finish loading. I’ve mentioned this to “HELP DESK” but have not seen any correction being done at this time. So, am I the only one who has noticed this?

    And please…enough with the shoe ad that changes the heels and barbie ad..mix em up. Thanks


    • Yes, I have trouble with the talking ads. Some ads take forever loading for me and really slow down my game time. I have to refresh my page numerous times. That’s what annoys me. I haven’t noticed with ad sites they are though. I’ll keep an eye on that next time.

      • Yes. I have had all the same problems. It froze in the middle of a Bingo Bash game costing me my goldenball. In addition, same problems with spider solitaire. Every once in a while the game s work right and the gameing experience is enjoyable. This is the only reason why I continue to play on this site. However, it has really been a real headache.

        I have written the help desk numerous times. Sometimes there just is not enough time in the day to advise them of everything. I just have to contact them about certain issues I have time for.

        Hope everyone does good. I am just waiting for another chance to get extra tokens; like when they messed up with another game. I think it was Savanna Slots. I might be wrong. It was when the game was giving back the 50,000 Tokens you were betting and giving the 2,000 promo tokens as well.

      • I have the same problems as mentioned by other players. The ads cause the games to freeze, spin slower or irregular resulting in exiting games and loosing many tokens (some that are purchased). I have contacted Players Services many times and am told its my computer or to clear things…. nope, that never helped. This happens in Deluxe Bingo where ads click in and run slow which causes the Bingo game to stop, run slow or freeze. C’mon GSN. Also want to mention since this comment is placed under Boogie Slots, I’ve continued to see that there is little to no opportunity to get three prize boxes, this is not just odds in playing when there is no chance of getting the last row to display a prize box.

    • I have had the same problem and have gone to the Help Desk several times with no changes. Games don’t load, slow down or freeze. I have been told that it’s my computer which is interesting since I’ve used several different ones with the same result. There are games now that I just don’t play because of all the trouble.

    • Yep…everything freezes up and I have to reload the page. I think it has to do with Flash and many Browsers no longer support it and those who do will be phasing it out soon. Time for GSN to be more selective with who they allow to advertise on their site.

      • AMEN! Couldn’t agree with you more. Way too many times a particular ad messes up a game, etc. I cringe when I see certain ones because I know what is to come,

      • Know the problem well. I got a new computer and switched to Fibre OP but hard to get good scores when things freeze up, skip, go blank etc, I blamed the ads lol but know it’s not my comp or internet connection now. I’ve lost sooooo many tokens playing bingo, which I love.

    • Amen to that, Candie! Yes, some ads just do not load and often they are for Oodles so you end up shorted at the end of the day because it doesn’t go on to a different ad, but repeats over and over again. NO MORE BARBIE, we aren’t 6 years of age!

  2. Yes I am having the same problems as well, and for weeks now I am also having problems trying to get the Trivia Bonus to work.. I did contact support & they got back to me today regarding the Trivia and that I am not the only one encountering this problem, so again I will contact them via the email as they requested.. What makes me mad is that we don’t get the Oodles for something that is beyond our control? I would think that GSN will make good on this for us… Glad to know that I am not the only person having problems, I also stayed away for 2 days due to being away and still having all these problems.. Good Luck to everyone and do what I did contact Tech support… God Bless

    • Same Problems here. It’s been doing this for awhile now. I had to take a break from GSN because of all the freezing,ads with sound, etc. What the 1st girl said. I didn’t even try to contact player services on this one. Hopefully, They are working on this as we Speak/Type. πŸ™‚

      Thanks Bunches,
      Carrie Culp AKA CCLYNN

      • I m having the same problems with the trivia I thought it was just me
        Please GSN ANGEL can you find out what s wrong with this matter ? Thank you !

        • I’m sorry, I don’t know why some people are having issues. It works OK for me. I’m using google chrome with windows 7 if that helps. In the meantime be sure to reach out to player services, because they compile information for the web team to research.

          • Could it possibly be that the people who are having so many troubles may have the more up-to-date Windows 8.1 or Windows 10? I know that’s when our problems started, although it was intermittent with Windows 8.1, it seems much worse now that we’ve got Windows 10.
            The browser choice doesn’t seem to make a difference.

          • I’m sorry, I really don’t know but it’s possible. That’s why player services usually ask people wht kind of OS, browsers, etc. they are using. It helps the web team narrow down what issues are so they can replicate it, then resolve it.

          • Angel, according to Player Services email that I received there are several people that are encountering this problem with the Trivia. I am still unable to do anything on there as of tonight too?? I am going to contact them again tomorrow, it is just unfair that we don’t get the Oodles if we do get the Trivia Questions correct, but as stated above in my other post I would hope that GSN would make this up to us for missing out on this for weeks now.. Happy Gaming everyone, and Thank you Angel for all your support & advice you give us

    • Yes, some of the same troubles regardless of which browser I use. (Chrome, FireFox, IE)
      And the Bonus Trivia is now a hit and a miss on if it will work or not. I contacted Help Desk more than once, even included screenshots showing the correct answers but unable to Submit them, and still did not get a courtesy gesture of the 50 Oodles I missed out on. Oh well!
      When I got their response I was told it has been escalated to the Engineers. We’ll wait and see if anything gets fixed. Until then, play the games we can and try not to let the frustrations get the best of us! After all, it’s JUST a game (and game site) that is intended to be fun and relaxing, right?
      Have a great day all!!!

    • cclynn, the Support Team wants you to contact them since there have been so so many people having all the problems, they are trying to narrow it down as to why some can get this & others can’t.. I would still contact them since you never know what may happen.. They could possibly give those that have put in a ticket the Oodles that are due back to them, and for me I just checked mine & I haven’t been able to do the Trivia Game since the 2nd of September, so yes I am missing out on at least the word of the day & possibly the other questions. Hope you do contact them God Bless

  3. yes, same problem and it actually cripples the game. The rolls either won’t start, or finish in an uneven way. Just seems that there is too much going on.

  4. No Bonus Games coming up. That is the only real chance to make up for tokens used playing. Wasn’t this an issue the last time this game was part of an OODLES earning promotion? Why do you use games as part of your promotions that have known issues such as this and the problems people have with actually getting the game to load and play consistently as many are complaining about? I have finally gotten the game to play fairly consistently but I got zero Bonus Game chances this time around with 100 spins.

    • The Bonus Games are working properly, I got one yesterday and two today. Remember it’s not based on amounts of spins, it’s random. Good luck!

    • I often get some of these problems when my computer has been on too long – laptop with Explorer, Windows 7. Once I shut it down, clear the cache (browsing history, temp files, etc) and re-boot, it works fine – for a few hours then slows down again.

  5. Good to hear I”m not alone with game/ad problems. Have also contacted “Help” with no “HELP”! I play games on other websites without problems. GSN has to get their site fixed. Too irritating to play.

  6. The 1000 token monkey keeps telling me there are no videos. What’s up with that? and yes quite a few of the games keep freezing up or get cut off right in the middle. Losing tokens by the thousands.

  7. I haven’t been able to submit trivia answers for more than a week either, and it is very frustrating. Today neither Jackpot Boogie now Wild Savannah will load, and although I can hear the music in the background, the game picture won’t load.

  8. Although Jackpot Boogie slots isn’t my favorite, at least it has an autospin. If you get the bonus game, it doesn’t keep it’s place, so I have to go to My Tokens & add up # of wagers to see how many spins I still need. I am at 110 & still haven’t gotten my Oodles. Apparently it isn’t counting all spins.

    • I’m guessing it doesn’t count bonus spins since there’s no way to track it in the game, or the server hasn’t caught up to all your spins yet.

  9. Just an FYI, I have passed everyone’s comments about the site and issues to the web team. Please continue to reach out to player services, as they compile information the web team needs to investigate issues. The more feedback they’re able to get (browsers, etc) the more it helps.

      • Hi badrooster1, The game is working correctly. Remember the casino games have highs and lows, and these things are random. The other day it almost 200 spins for me to get it, today it was just 24. Hope your luck turns soon!

        • I do believe the game is working properly though I did not win anything big for the past three days. Actually when GSN just started this game, it is impossible to lose and I believe they change the winning rate since then and so now it is impossible to win. Sigh!


  10. Jackpot boogie has been horrible today – not only are there no bonus situations, there are hardly any wins of any size. Just saying, looking forward to the next promotion

  11. Hi Angle agree with every one plus since April Blazing CherriesBonus still not fixed game stopswhen it comes up and you have to stsrt over have told P.S but to no avail hope they will look into this soon as it is anice game.,try to have a nice day after all this lol Mary

  12. Sorry to hear other players not doing well with Jackpot Boogie today…i hit 2 jackpots this morning; all Kings and all lava lamps. Yesterday i hit all of the disco mamas. Be patient players, your jackpots are coming. Boogie on!

  13. Ugh! I’m so frustrated! In the midst of loading and reloading and reloading and reloading yesterday, I didn’t change my bet and lost nearly 50 million tokens! Ugh!

    • That has happened to me a couple or three times too. I think the default for the bet should be set at the LOWEST amount possible instead of the HIGHEST amount possible and allow the player to up the ante if they choose,. That way when we have to reload the game (which can happen several times for some) and we forget to reset the bet we don’t lose millions of tokens in a sitting.

      • Agree 200%! I have done this before as well on auto-spin. Because the page needs to be reloaded so often you are already frustrated as it is and you just want to play so you forget to constantly have to reset your bet and before you know it your tokens are gone!

        Agree that it should default to the lowest bet which would be much more ‘logical’…but, wait…oh nevermind….@@

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