Wheels and Deals for Oodles & Tokens This Weekend

It’s all about wheels, deals and a whole lot of Oodles & Tokens. Details on My GSN. Ends 8/9. gsn_email

–      Play 100 spins of any Wheel of Fortune Slots or Deal or No Deal Slots (or a little bit of all!) and we’ll give you 100 Oodles. Repeat up to 3X each day.

–      Wager 50,000 Tokens in any Wheel of Fortune Slots game or Deal or No Deal Slots and we’ll give you a 2,000 Token Rebate. Repeat up to 200 times each day.


16 thoughts on “Wheels and Deals for Oodles & Tokens This Weekend

  1. The classic edition of Wheel of Fortune was wonky early this morning. Things would light up that shouldn’t have and things didn’t light up that should have. I earned more tokens than I lost so I’m not complaining but someone else might not be so lucky.

  2. This only works on the gsn website or a computer. NOT the Casino APP. I have alot of Tokens on the website , but when I log into the casino APP my balance is 0 , has been going on for over a week. I’ve contacted support on the website & on the APP. No response , No Nothing. And yes I’m ALWAYS logged in when I submit any issue or Report one. Big mistake seperating the Casino APP for Mobile users from the gsn website. The games I like to play are Not on the website, there only on the CasinoAPP. Guess i will have to spend my money elsewhere. Instead of buying Token Packages . :/:/

    • Hi Sabrina, the promotions on GSN.com are for the .com games, not mobile. Mobile games have their own promotions and features.

  3. I love all the oodles promos.
    but the Wheel of Fortune ones don’t have auto-spins, so 100 spins is very time consuming. One slots versions will let you put in 25 spins, but it keeps stopping – this issue has been talked about for a long time. Any news on a fix?
    Thanks again for the Promos

    • Hi Carol, the correct answer was: B: Ketchup. If you redeemed Trivia Champion Oodlectible Game B, you were credited on 7/27.

    • I’m sorry, we’ve found Oodles are not crediting today. Please accept the following 200 Oodles promo code as an apology. Redeem WOFSWEEKEND on My GSN for 200 Oodles in the promo code field. Expires 8/17.

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