16 thoughts on “Sunday Happy Hour

  1. Anyone else having trouble getting games to load for Happy Hour? I’ve been trying & they just won’t. Tried thru email link, thru Facebook, and straight from my browser. Keep getting F12 error msgs about you needing to update to “the current Facebook Javascript”. Didn’t know FB had a new one & that it’s different from what we were using yesterday. Reported to Player Services.

    • Sherrie I am also having trouble I have not been able to get any casino games to load all day. The adds come up but no game’s which means no oodles. Happy Hour not so happy today I guess good luck in the future

  2. I also had trouble with Happy Hour last night. The website is very slow again today. It will not even load on Firefox and on Internet Explorer the advertisements load just fine and the games do not want to load.

  3. Try logging out and getting out of the internet all together. Then log back into the internet and back into GSN. Sometimes this works for me.

    I am just curious. Do you purchase the packages?

  4. I tried everything to get the games to load yesterday.Logging on and off.Clearing cooies etc,I even did a complete computer refresh. I lost 300 happy hour oodles,plus my leaderboard oodles. Angel, do you know what the problem was with all of us having this problem?

  5. l have been trying to get my tokens from the gen website to my gen casino app l have 600’000tokens that l can’t play with for about four weeks now

  6. What system and web browser should i use to play so that everything runs perfect and there are no problems while playing your games ?

    • Hi, on the main http://www.gsn.com page click on GSN Help, then click on the GSN.com icon on the help age. Under there look for “Game Support” and you can read whichever applies best to you:
      What are the system requirements for Windows users?
      What are the system requirements for Apple users?

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