32 thoughts on “Know What’s Peachy Keen? Winning Green! Enter Now For a Slice of $2,500.

    • I’m sorry dbag, I don’t know why you’re having difficulties. What browser and operating system are you using?

      • I HEAR YOU!!! I am in the same boat. Constantly having to recover the webpage and getting kicked out; while having to log back in. Especially while playing ChaChingo Bingo and while playing the promos in the My GSN-promotions section.

        I just accept it and go on (learn to deal with it). The help center probably knows my first name by now. My submission are only a partial part of the problems.

      • I’ll say it again, Google Chrome & Windows 7. Trying to play games and it freezes up. There goes my chance of winning Oodles.

    • Hi Kazim Akhtar Khawaja Muhammad, it’s generally a legality thing on GSN.com, but depending on where you live in the world, you can win cash playing GSN Cash Games. You can read more at the cash game FAQs.

  1. I just so I was trying to sign up for to update my twitters
    but could not find how to sign up the peaches gameand get the promo either if you kn ow how I can sign up for the sweepstake and other things

  2. I will work for OODLES! I will win ! I will Keep entering, keep trying, It will be exciting to win some day. You have made a lot of happy winners !

  3. Have not played Blazing Cherries in a while due to the game freezing up every time I got the bonus for free spins. Just decided to play again today,l and after 48 spins, finally got bonus and it promply froze up, I lost the game and the free spins I should have received. Guess I give up on that game.

  4. I can not understand what to do to get the the promo number
    and what you need to do on this peachy game. it is I am suppose to do on it.I read what you wrote on this and I went to twitters but still do not know what to do if someone knows what to do send me a e-mail. what is inportent to me is the promo.thanks anyone for

      • I received an email that I won but that I needed to respond to confirm my address. I am wary to respond in case it is spam or worse. Would GSN really send an email to “Oodler” and not use my real name nor my Game Name to confirm an address before announcing the winners?

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