Video Bingo Deluxe and a 10,000 Token Promo Code

GSN’s classic Video Bingo Deluxe is back & better than ever. This old favorite still has the best boosts in town like Wild Balls, U-Pick ’em Cards, Bonus Patterns, Extra Patterns, and 3 Extra Balls. Play now before it’s back in GSN’s game vault!

The first 10,000 Tokens is on us. Just go to My GSN and enter WILDBALL in the promo code field. Promo code expires 7/26, Mid ET. 



24 thoughts on “Video Bingo Deluxe and a 10,000 Token Promo Code

  1. I enjoy playing your games but someone should be able to correct the fact that the advertisements mess some games up. I have problems with them on Buffalo Slots and Pyramid Solitaire. These are the two favorites for me and I enjoy them but not when the ads change and mess them up.

      • I agree with Pat. Some of these ad particularly the video ones are the culprits.and cause a lag. I have contacted PS and did all the delete this, update that, reload this try a different browser and everything else on the troubleshoot page. it still happens. I dont have the problem if its a regular ad just the videos. I was hoping the maintenance that was done early this week was going to fix it. But unfortunately for me, it didn’t. I could be wrong but I dont think the problem is with the user, I think there are either issues with the videos or too many people accessing the site that causes the lag. Just my opinion.

  2. Unlike your other Video Bingo Deluxe’s this one doesn’t offer a million tokens at the end, nor big prizes along the way? If it does, it didn’t seem to be working yesterday.

  3. so. when you say ‘back in the vault’ it leads me to think you are not going to be offering video bingo in any form, regular as it is now, or the special games with the win a million tokens incentive it in the near future and perhaps not ever. That’s surely what it sounds like. i know you will have new things for us but i for one will miss video bingo.

    • Hi mixter99, I’m sorry, I don’t know what new games may be upcoming, but we’ve pulled older games before and played them for awhile.

    • Oh please don’t tell me that this could happen where they may take Video Bingo away?? That is so sad to even read 🙁 I do like new games but so many play this and it would be a shame to put it back into the vault.. Keeping my fingers crossed

      • Christine, it means this classic style will be put back in the vault, not the game as a whole. Different video bingo games will come.

  4. I agree with mixter99. I too loved the incentive million tokens @ the end game. I love challenges!!! I will miss it if u don’t have it anymore. Please come up with something!!! Thank you, Princemyfrog

  5. It is regretted to point out that I did’t find any thing special? Unlike your other Video Bingo Deluxe’s this one doesn’t offer a million tokens at the end, nor big prizes etc, it is just a boring & regular bingo game.Will we expect any betterment in the game in couple of days?

  6. I know GSN replaces old games with new ones Angel, I’ve been playing here for a while now. I was just hoping I was wrong.. i play video bingo on GSN Casino mobile games also.. It even has mini games you can win extra tokens with when you play. I’m sure you’ll give us another cool game to play when you do retire it. thanks for your usual honest answer. I look forward to seeing what you’ll offer when you replace it.

  7. I am confused! The new Video Bingo game is missing some parts. In the past (just a few days ago) after you finished your game you good see how far you were up the ladder and if you had all of the rungs done you got a star and, !! $10,000 ! tokens! all lot of flashing and then you could see your tokens, some times i was able to earn $20,000 tokens! I could see the special tokens. Now there is NOTHING special to see, and also the sound for every daub, now nothing! It is a very boring game. Nothing special just plain ordinary Bingo. Yes, I know about the extra daubs you can BUY! but that is not any different than before, unless I’m missing something?

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