Routine Maintenance Starting 5am July 22

We wanted to let you know in advance that on Wednesday, July 22, we’ll be doing some routine maintenance. You may experience our site being temporarily unavailable for about 30 minutes starting at 5am EST. Your patience is appreciated as we work to get everything back up and running as quickly as possible!


25 thoughts on “Routine Maintenance Starting 5am July 22

  1. THANK YOU for letting us know maybe this will fix all the problems I m having with GSN and GSN ANGEL Thank the GSN Support Team for listening to me
    b/c I know their probably sick of hearing from me Have a Great Day ANGEL

    • I also appreciate the advance notice. And, the time that was picked to do this maintenance is probably one of the “less busy” time periods of the day. That tells me that GSN is being very considerate of their customers. Thanks to all.

  2. I sure hope this helps as I have been having many problems. Today I’ve hardly been able to play any of my favorites!

  3. Seems like it needs more maintenance than a half hour will provide! I can’t get into any of the slot games I’ve tried to play this evening! I tried one of the Wheel of Fortune Slots, Jackpot Boogie Slots, Buffalo Slots, 7s, Cherries…they all either won’t load, are slow to come up, or keep spinning without result! I get the little flower reload symbol a lot too.

    Hope the site hasn’t been hacked! Pretty frustrating tonight! Guess I’ll just be good and go to sleep…

  4. Is this going to fix the problem with the mobile devices? Have not been able to play my games. The last time I had a problem you directed me to a different place , cant remember what it was, but they never answered me. Nothing like your crew who always got back to me, Thank you for anything you can do for me. You are the greatest

  5. what happened to the diner version of video bingo I was at 40 bingos going toward 50 bingos for the million tokens

  6. GSN ANGEL are they going to have a new game for video bingo anytime soon
    b/c I don t like the regular video bingo it s not as fun See I m disabled I broke my back in 2006 and I live for GSN I really do Love GSN and I love most of the other games but my favorite is video bingo deluxe when they have the game inside of the bingo it just makes it more exciting THANK YOU

    • Hi ziazam06, I’m glad you enjoy the games! I’m sorry, I don’t know what games may be upcoming at this time.

  7. Hi! Just curious…will there be any more limited edition games on video bingo deluxe?

    Sure was nice to play for 1,000,000 tokens 🙂

    Thank you

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services and let them know what is happening. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page.

  8. Can not get into Bingo Bash, it takes you to BBQ Bingo? Help Please. Ive closed it and reopened, tried different browser, tried opening from sale on home page, promo section and sill can not get in therefore can not finish promo, just keeps taking me to BBQ Bingo.

  9. I was hoping this maintenance would fix some of the lagging from the ads. It seems as if the ads with a video slow all the games down. Rather it be cassino or play for oodles when an ad with a video pops up your going to be slow.. If you look at the leaderboards you will see most of the top leaders early in the AM hours. I am only assuming that is because there aren’t as many players slowing the site down or the videos aren’t up an running full force just yet. The site is much quicker early in the morning but who wants to get up that early. When happy hour time comes you may as well plan on spending extra time just to spin 50 times. I have contacted player services but have had no luck even after following all thier recommendations.. I have tried different computers at friends houses and it is the same. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem or is it my imagination?

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