July Oodlegram Newsletter Update & Special Promo Code

Hello, happy weekend! I hope everyone is staying cool. I can’t believe July is half over! Where has the summer gone?

We wanted to let people know there will be no Oodlegram this month. We have a number of people on summer schedules, as well as out on well-deserved vacations, so some things were not able to be completed as usual. But never fear! I have a two updates to share with you that you’ll enjoy.

MVO_email_podFirst, I’d like to introduce bestbuds2nu2 as July’s Most Valuable Oodler. She’s an avid Oodler who ‘s achieved an impressive milestone. Click here to find out what it is, and please congratulate her as well! 


badgeAlso, there is usually an Oodlectible Bonus in the monthly Oodlegram. This will be changing as of next month. Our design team is reorganizing, and that has placed some projects, such as Oodlectibles, on a temporary hold. Rather than miss out on a badge bonus going forward, we’re going to feature a monthly promo code for 1,000 Oodles exclusive to the Oodlegram – instead. 

Since there is no Oodlegram for July, I can post this month’s promo code on Player News. Go to My GSN to enter the promo code JULYFUN to collect 1,000 Oodles by 7/31. This will be the only time I can post this on Player News, so be sure to sign up for the Oodlegram if you’d like to get the monthly promo code. 

To sign up for the Oodlegram, go to My GSN > My Account > Email Notifications and check the box that says: “Yes, I want to receive e-mails about games, Oodles and Tokens” and then click on “save.”  Also, the Oodlegram is sent to the email you have your account registered under, so be sure to confirm it if you’ve not done so already. There will be a large green  “confirm email” button near the top of the same page that looks like this:


I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday! My dog is letting me know it’s time to go play now.  🙂


31 thoughts on “July Oodlegram Newsletter Update & Special Promo Code

    • Great pic of your puppy …. They are all puppies to me….. I am a HUGE dog lover and so that is why they are all puppies to me….. Hope you two have a great weekend too.

  1. I’ve not gotten an email about an oodlegram in all the years I have been a GSN member and all of my information has been been current and up to date. Thanks for the info have a great weekend.

    • Hi Dinios1112, have you checked your spam folder? A lot of times email from us to Yahoo, AOL, etc can end up there.


        • Pam, you’ve never gotten a mailing that posted the MVO every month? That’s the one it would be. If not, you could try checking your spam mail, or reach out to Player Services and see if they can manually add you.

          • I have never received any such emails either, I do get the Oodles when entering a contest & the ChaChing but that is it, I also the other day updated all my information when the new post came out, and they were all checked, the only one that I changed was the text messaging since I don’t use that? Hopefully by updating my info I will start receiving them. Thank you

  2. I wish the subscriptions were more separated. . . . Namely, the “Oodlegram” should be its own subscription, if not tied in with “Oodle Updates/News.” Then a subscription for “Token Updates/News” . . . then “Game Updates/News.” I get no less than three e-mails per day from GSN (i.e. Chachingo Bingo results, sweepstakes entry confirmation, token promo, etc.) all in the name of receiving a once-monthly newsletter. . . . All I want is the newsletter! My inbox gets cluttered because of it and it makes me dread opening it at times.
    Happy oodling! 😎 And thank you for considering my input.

  3. Thanks Angel.
    Your dog looks great, happy & healthy.
    I’m confused about the Oodlegram, I get lots of email from GSN, but I’ve never seen how to get 1,000 oodles every month, which sounds great!
    Is it by buying the oodlectibles? How do I get those oodles?

    • Hi Steve, thanks! He is a happy boy. People who purchase specific Oodlectibles in the Prize Center were eligible for a monthly badge bonus. The two they needed to have were randomly determined from the month’s offerings. Since there have been less Oodlectibles offered recently, we’re going to a monthly promo code instead.

  4. Hope Oodlectibles make a come back also.
    How’d Windsor fare with the 4th Fireworks *BOOm*, *BooM*, **BOoM**?
    Same “ear to ear” smile! What a cutie, and oh so Happy dog!
    Enjoy your down time.

    • Hi mindytbl, it was challenging! He gets doggy xanax and we hide in the basement watching something musical (Mama Mia, RENT, Disney movies, etc), because it helps mask fireworks and thunder noises. 🙂

      • My dog Stinker seems to love those fireworks,the neighbor does some great ones and he is right out there watching them go up and then explode..maybe it’s all the kids dropping there snacks?

        • Our old dog never minded fireworks or thunder either. This guy was a rescue last summer, and the only thing we know about him is he was kept chained in someone’s yard without proper shelter. He had sores around his neck from the collar. My guess is he was afraid when these things happened because he couldn’t get away, but who knows? Besides, I’m not one to complain about *having* to watch a musical or Disney movie 😀

  5. I love GSN and it is nice to tell the new pick of the month and I wish them the honer of winning I won the pick of the month and it was a great to be selected and it makes you feel you did a good job and good Luck. I have bee in the hospital a lot this year since march I had surgery on my right arm and had to take the ball out of my right arm and they had to put a bacteria ball in and I spent 18 days in the hospital and then I was released and had a nurse and a person to do exercises, and help with the bath. My husband had to remove the IV ever 6 hours for over a month and then I had to go in to remove my pain pump and replace it with a new one so he played my games and help me out on my games and trivia games but it wll work out just wanted angel and AOL of you to enjoy like while you have it good.Angel just wanted you to know I am thinking of you every day and you and the staff do a good job. I can not get into my cash games but can not understand this but I went to the help . everyone have a nice day and God bless you aLL,and I love the new deal where you help with the bonus . .

      • Hope you feel and get better soon ! I think it s Great that your Husband helped you out not only in the hospital but GSN you are very lucky to have him Cherish that b/c I lost my Husband in September 2009 I still LOVE and MISS him anyway Take care

        • Prayers for continued improvement for you….it’s a journey, nice to have such a helpful, Hubby and involved caregiver. Indeed not easy. Enjoy the games “Both of you” !

    • Hi Vee, people who purchase specific Oodlectibles in the Prize Center were eligible for a monthly badge bonus. The two they needed to have were randomly determined from the month’s offerings. Since there have been less Oodlectibles offered recently, we’re going to a monthly promo code instead.

  6. “Randomly selected”? We should be informed when buying an
    oodlectible will result in bonus oodles,
    sometimes I cant afford to buy them all.
    let’s keep it fair now. Thanks

    • Sorry Zoe, there was no guarantee when an Oodlectible was purchased you’d get a badge bonus at the end of the month. It was basically a little game of chance in itself. Considering we’re not doing it anymore, it’s also moot. 🙂

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