Players’ Pets Featuring MsAnnieTyler2, kimberlyazz.myp, and MsMoche

pets_fb_470x246aWelcome to Players’ Pets, posted every Friday! This is the time we can meet each other’s pets, and maybe get to know other players a little more. 

When I post your pet pictures and story, you’ll get 1,000 Oodles! You can send them to Please include your user name and a few words about your pet. Even if you don’t currently have a pet, but would like to share a picture of a treasured pet from the past, or a pet in your family, please feel free to share. 

This week’s adorable pets belong to MsAnnieTyler2, kimberlyazz.myp, and MsMoche. They all happen to be adorable cats as well! 

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———————————– Click on the pet pictures to make them larger for viewing 

MsAnnieTyler2 – My kitten Snowball, only a week old.


kimberlyazz.myp – This is Calli, the light of my heart. Until she came into my life, I didn’t think I could love something so much that I didn’t create. Calli does her part to keep our home clean, as she likes to clean the plants, rather than eat them. When she’s not cleaning, she’s on my lap, or trying to get there. She’s no party girl, but I couldn’t resist the irony of the Mardi Gras beads.

2007 Cruise & Lesley's Wedding 419

MsMoche – This is my cat Olivia.  Believe me her name matches her personality. This is my watch Cat.  She is always the first at the door and the first to be alerted of any noises in the house.  I love this cat.

Olivia 2 Olivia


6 thoughts on “Players’ Pets Featuring MsAnnieTyler2, kimberlyazz.myp, and MsMoche

    • Cats rule…and dogs drool! lol – guess you can tell I’m a cat person, too. Good to see kitties being featured this week & I can tell how special this trio is.
      Seriously, though, dogs are OK, it’s just that cats are better.

  1. Love the kitties, I had two calico/tortishell for 18 years and now I have two boy almost 4 years old and I just love them!

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