Play Wheel of Fortune Slots for 150 Oodles and 10,000 Tokens

It’s a Wheel of Fortune Slots weekend! Score 150 Oodles every day when you play 100 spins of any Wheel of Fortune Slots game from 6/26 – 6/28,

PLUS pocket 10,000 Extra Tokens every time you play 500,000, up to 40 times each day. Deals end midnight ET Sunday, 6/28. Details on My GSN.


13 thoughts on “Play Wheel of Fortune Slots for 150 Oodles and 10,000 Tokens

  1. Angel, i am confused by the new player’s help feature. I sent them a message w/o any problem, but i don’t know how to retrieve my ticket number and add to it. What do i do?

    • Hi 2jellybeans, if you contacted support when you’re logged on to your player name, records are kept. You can find them by logging on to your player name, clicking GSN Help at the top of the page, and then on the support page itself, look for your player next to the green “contact support” button. There’s a little drop-down arrow. Click on that and look for “my support history.” Click on that to see your tickets. There is only a history if you’re logged in to your player name though.

      • Thank you very much..I am having a problem with the Wonder Wheel not crediting a spin when i log in, plus some days it’s deducting a spin, so i had to contact them. For example when i left the site last night, i had 50 spins saved and a game of Cyclone on hold and when i logged in today i still had only 50 spins available and the Cyclone game dropped. This issue started a little over a week ago; i was hoping it was a glitch that would work itself out, but the problem continues. Don’t know if i’m the only one going thru this or other players are having this issue too. Hope to hear from them and get this resolved soon.

  2. I know this doesn’t go here but I have bet on a couple of auctions and have never received credit for them! Player services told me once I have received e-mail notification is when they will be awarded! But, how long should one wait? The first one was from April: Game Credits Turbo Auction 4/26/2015 dyzzle 115,751 I just won the last one! But how long should I have to wait to be awarded my winnings? I have won several auctions and it only seems to be this type you never get your reward! Any help would be appreciated GSN Angel!

    • Hi Pam, I think Rewards Points are usually credited about a week after the auction closes. The prize center did not see your April one credited either, so now you’ve been credited for that.

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance so they can investigate. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page, then look for the green “contact support” button at the top of the help page. I’d recommend logging into your player name before contacting them so there is a record from your account you can access later if need be.

  3. Hl Angel, hope you are well first I would like to say how much I love the 50’sDiner in D
    elux Bingo it reminds me of when I was young many many many years ago LOLanyway my problem is the Daily Bonus Drop it drops dowould yocn opens up but then it cioses and does not play the ADS so I am unable to get tokens I have contacted PS but have not heard yet its been about 4 days now coujd you please help I would really appreciate it when you have time Thank you Mary

    • Hi Mary, I’d give them another day or so, and then contact them again. Around the 4th a lot of people are on vacation, which is why it might be taking longer. I’m glad you enjoy the game!

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