1. Why do I now have a mobile only account?

GSN Casino on mobile and GSN.com have added a lot of new games and features in the past year. Now we are unlocking bigger sales that were previously unavailable to your account type, giving you more Tokens and even bigger WINS. To ensure that this happens smoothly, you now have two unique accounts -one on GSN Casino Mobile, and one on GSN.com. You can access using the same one username and password.

  1. Where did my GSN.com account go?

Your GSN.com account is still there and nothing has been changed.

  1. What will happen to my Token balance?

Your mobile only Token balance is exactly the same as it was when you last logged in  GSN.com. The Tokens in GSN.com account are now separate from your mobile only account. Tokens cannot be used or transferred between these two accounts.

  1. Do I log in the same way?

Your login credentials have been shared with your new account. So you do not need to worry about changing anything. So you can use the same username and password as you did in the past.

  1. Are my Tokens still shared between GSN.com and my mobile device (phone or tablet)? Meaning, are they shared between my GSN.com, and phone or tablet account.

No. The Tokens on GSN.com and your mobile device are not shared. They are now separate, and cannot be moved between your two accounts.

  1. So can I purchase Tokens for one account, and move or use them in my the other account? For example, if I buy Tokens on my iPad, can I move them to play on GSN.com?

No. The Tokens in GSN.com account are separate from your mobile device account. They cannot be used or transferred between the other account. If you plan to play on GSN.com, purchase Tokens on GSN.com, if you plan to play on mobile, purchase Tokens on mobile.

If you have other questions, you can contact our Player Services department. To do so: Open the GSN Casino mobile app and look for the rotor icon in the uppermost right-hand corner of the app. Touch that and choose “Report an Issue”. From there, you’ll be taken to a web site where you’ll be provided a form you can fill out which will be sent to our Player Services department.