Score 10,000 Tokens and 200 Oodles Playing Jackpot Boogie Slots

Turn up the funky jams and take home the loot with Jackpot Boogie Slots!  Score 10,000 Tokens and 200 Oodles with every 50 spins. Play each day.  HURRY – this party ends midnight ET Friday, 5/8. Details on My GSN


30 thoughts on “Score 10,000 Tokens and 200 Oodles Playing Jackpot Boogie Slots

  1. Either there’s a heckuva delay on spins registering or 3 of mine didn’t show up. Used auto spin (10, 20, 20) then went to play a little Bingo Bash. When I came back to My GSN, it said 47/50 & Oodles hadn’t posted yet either. Going to check tokens to see if all wagers counted. Guess I shoulda done that 1st, huh?

        • Definitely will have to…playing today, on my 16th spin, it came up all Kings in all rows & froze the game, knocking out autospin. I’ll let player services know that we wish they’d work out the bugs before launching new games!

  2. Like the game, am glad just betting with tokens (no credit/token confusion). Do want to point out that once again promo reads may repeat once a day but no repeat granted. Promo complete after 50 spins.

    • Hmm, I thought I changed this post to “play each day.” I’ll double check! (I see what you mean, it says that under My GSN, but the Player News copy says play each day)

  3. Love Jackpot Boogie Slots! Thanks again for an auto spin feature! Now, I do LIKE Mighty Zeus but was a tad disappointed it didn’t have free spins or bonus games, glad to see that is not the case in this one!

    Don’t know if you guys make these slots games in house or what but I tend to prefer this and the other ones that look like they’re created thru GSN a lot better than the ones with the credits where you have to go to another complicated screen to change bets and auto spins and stuff. I know those ones are here cuz they’re “mobile friendly” but I really just play the others thanks.

  4. Played The Boogie Slots the last two days. Today, I finally got the bonus but it froze up and when it came back on, I lost the bonuses. That was the only time I hit it. Is this a problem?

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance, and let them know what is happening. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  5. Wish all the games could be played on newer computers. I hate sitting out for days and missing out on oodles. 🙁

  6. Like Disco….this game is dead. It will not load on Internet Explorer and I had to refresh 3 or 4 times to complete 50 rounds on Google Chrome. Understand it’s a new game…and the kinks (good rock band) have to be worked out….L L R!!! I can’t wait til this promotion is over.

    • Totally agree on that one Magicallipps1! We really don’t need to have any of that on any games. WTH is the purpose of designing it this way? *eye roll*

  7. Got the Bonus today and it worked for me! Still laughing over the just shots of certain body parts remark above lol.

  8. I LOVE this new game. I’ve had absolutely no problems with it freezing. I’m using Firefox. I love the music and all the possible ways to win extra tokens. Also, the betting is simple. Way to go. My new fav. game.

  9. When I played early this morning I used the auto play for 50 spins. When they were over I luckily saw that there was credit for only 40 spins. Ten more spins brought it up to 50.

    • I’ll pass this on the the game engineers. Did you by chance get any bonus spins? Perhaps it can’t track those.

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