Pocket 150 Oodles and Score 15,000 Tokens Playing in the Gameshow Bonus

It may be a Gameshow Bonus, but scoring these perks is as simple as it gets!

  • Pocket 150 Oodles when you play 100 spins in Deal or No Deal Slots, Wheel of Fortune Slots, Wheel of Fortune Slots: Vegas Edition, or Wheel of Fortune Slots: Classic Edition. Play each day through 5/21.
  • Win 15,000 Tokens INSTANTLY when you play 1 million. Repeat up to 20 times each day through Thursday, 5/21.

Collect all you can before this deal expires.Details on My GSN


11 thoughts on “Pocket 150 Oodles and Score 15,000 Tokens Playing in the Gameshow Bonus

    • Hi Ronald, Welcome to GSN! You will want to do some reading so you know how the site, and prize center, works!

      I’d suggest you start here. Click the titles to be brought to the articles:
      New to GSN?
      Oodles 101
      Auctions, and Sweepstakes, and Prizes, Oh My!

      Please note the only way to win prizes on GSN.com is through the Prize Center with your Oodles. Anything that pops up while you’re playing a game is an ad, it’s not us. Don’t click on “You’re the millionth visitor” or “You’ve won!” type ads.

      You can also win a cash jackpot playing GSN ChaChingo Bingo, and the links above will explain what this is too. Happy gaming!

  1. I guess i’m the only player who think’s the new g.s.n. help section stink’s……angel? has anyone placed a comment about the help section? just a yes or no answer will do. thanks’ angel.

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