13 thoughts on “Bacon & Cheese Slots Sneak Peek! Also Score a 5,000 Tokens Promo Code

  1. HELP!!?? I keep trying to contact GSN Help! I click on ‘CONTACT PLAYER SERVICES’ and the page goes back to the main GSN ‘ALL GAMES’ page! I have played on the site for a very long time, and this is a first!! (Didn’t have any changes on my system to account for this that I know of, so REALLY frustrated!).
    The ONLY change that I see, and actually WHY I wanted to ‘Contact Player Services’ is when I logged on today (play EVERY day!), the ‘Winter Swapit’ game is no longer there….it was always last of the second column under the Go Rving Mahjongg Dimensions game! Other games missing too…
    Since a year or so ago, the Go RVing game went missing (Along with another RV Swapit game), and I emailed support at that time, they ‘did something’ and at least Go RVing came back the next day….hoping this is the same situation!
    HOWEVER!! Tried everything to contact player services, logging off, deleting browsers and cache’s….AND YOU ARE MY LAST HOPE! Whatever GSN did today……really screwed up things for me (they never DID fix the daily Trivia oodles I am missing out of 50 to 100 oodles each day!!)
    Have them email me at the email address with this reply?? Hoping having an ‘ANGEL’ will be divine intervention!!!
    (I just knew it was going to be an all around bad day when I was not allowed to have my coffee this morning as tests at hospital wouldn’t allow it!!)
    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE IF YOU CAN HELP!!!!! (and haven’t fallen asleep from having to read such a long ‘reply’!!! Have a great day!

  2. I was going to post that you were know putting up games to make us hungry. Thanks for the fun and the tokens. I got my family GOOD!!!

  3. Hahaha, very amusing, but not a FOOLISH idea! I’d love another FOOD slots game albeit NOT bacon and cheese lol.

    This is not related but since the other poster asked I’m curious too… Where is Winter SwapIt? Keeping my fingers crossed it’s in the process of being replaced with SPRING SWAPIT! Have a great weekend!

    • I keep thinking Ron Swanson would approve lol (from Parks & Rec). I don’t know about Swapit. I passed that on.

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