April Shower Sweepstakes

This month, the bonuses are pouring in! Enter now for your share of $5,000 in the April Gift Card Shower Sweepstakes

10 will take home a $500 gift card of their choice to Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Visa, or Starbucks. 

Get in on the action here, and come back for more entries until midnight ET April 30!


20 thoughts on “April Shower Sweepstakes

  1. Love this sweepstake. Hope I’m lucky and just thought I tell you as I’m sure you know there are only 30 days in April, or is this just an April Fool’s Day Joke?
    Happy April Fools Day all.

  2. i am wanna sweepstakes April now and
    I am 500 Oodies to GSN casino games
    I am wanna win today I am happy now pls GSN casino game your special for me now ur friends to

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