$25 Daily Gift Card winner – mistylynne36

Congratulations to mistylynne36 on her $25 gift code! Here’s what she had to say:

I won a $25 Amazon.com gift code on  GSN gaming and this is the first prize I entered for and I actually won! I never win anything so thank you so much GSN for my gift card. I will keep playing and entering

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Play Blazing Cherries Slots for 150 Oodles

We’re handing out Oodles to get you fired up! Play 100 rounds in Blazing Cherries Slots and score 150 Oodles. 

UPDATE:  We apologize for the issues with the Blazing Cherries Slots today. The game engineers have been notified, and will investigate. A different game promotion will begin tomorrow. 

Please accept this promo code; CHERRIES for 150 Oodles and 10,0000 Tokens, redeemable one time on My GSN. Promo code expires Monday, 5/4 at Midnight ET.


Daily $250 Sweepstakes winner – lilhippy1

I’ve read a few times over the years – “I wonder if people really win?” Don’t take my word for it, we’ve had thousands of winners on GSN. We’re the REAL DEAL! Here’s what lilhippy1 said about his recent win: 

Wow… I can hardly believe it! I have really never won anything before, this is the best e-mail I ever got!  Thank you very ,very, much! I enjoy playing GSN games, and winning is the cherry on top! Thank you, GSN….play on, players!

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Congratulations to my01truck on his $250 Daily Sweepstakes win! You too can win prizes in our Oodles Prize Center. Check out all the auctions and sweepstakes here

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Did You Redeem the 10,000 token Promo Code For Morse Code Day?

Yesterday was Morse Code Day! If you missed this post on the GSN.com Facebook yesterday,  decode this message  – — -.- . -. …  for a 10,000 Tokens promo code you can enter on My GSN.

HINT: Type, or copy and paste  – — -.- . -. …  into this site to decode it. (No worries if you’re stumped, we’ll post the answer in a few hours or look in comments below.)

ANSWER:  Redeem  promo code: TOKENS

Expires Wednesday, 4/29.


Note: Redeemable only once. If you solved this from Facebook Monday, it won’t work again.