Contact Player Services Link Unavailable Tuesday 3/17 from 6:00am ET – 3pm ET

GSN Help Outage 3/17 from 6AM-3PM (EST): Our support portal provider, Parature, will be updating their systems. During this time, the Cash Games support portal will be completely unavailable so you will not have access to Frequently Asked Questions or to the inquiry form available through the Contact Player Services link during this outage. If you need assistance, please email the support team directly by emailing Your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated during this time. Please note that the outage timeframe may vary.


10 thoughts on “Contact Player Services Link Unavailable Tuesday 3/17 from 6:00am ET – 3pm ET

  1. Was trying to check why Parature, your support portal provider would be off on Saint Paddy’s Day (was based or had most of its’ employees there) in Ireland?) of all days and a weekday on mostly business hours (normally maintenance and/or updates are done overnight on a weekend).

    Then I’ve learned it was an American company that Microsoft, of all tech companies, bought a couple of months ago… Why would “The Big Window” would do maintenance and/or update on such a moment?

    Hope everything goes “smooth as rails” tomorrow. Otherwise, GSN IS ON THE HOOK, not Microsoft…

    Sorry for my rant, dear Angel, but I have to if I feel something “is just NOT RIGHT”…


    • I don’t think the date had anything to do with it, but they completed the updates early than expected so we’re back in business! 🙂

  2. GSN ANGEL I contacted players services on St paddy day at 4 pm does that mean they got my help plea I did get email confirmation

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance, and let them know what is happening. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

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