12 thoughts on “Pick Your Play for 125 Oodles

  1. This isn’t working the way it should…my Chachingo Bingo picks counted on the counter, but 8 spins of Deal or No Deal did not count.

    • I’m asking them to look in to it 2jellybeans. My Deal or nNo Deal didn’t count, but other games did. I’ll keep you updated!

  2. Just an FYI Angel, The Pick your Play doesn’t seem to be working correctly this morning. The counter doesn’t count and oodles are not awarded after playing the required amount of cassino games. I already contacted PS but just incase you start getting messages from others you have a heads up……

    • Cindyk4aday, thanks. What games were you playing that didn’t seem to count correctly? (or were there any that did?) I’ll pass it on.

  3. Strangely enough, just like last time we had this promo (my favorite promo by the way) non-casino games are counting for me. I’m at 22 on the counter, and I’ve played 2 casino games tops (it was Bingo Bash so not as easy to keep track of). The regular games I know I’ve done so far are Live Trivia, Alu’s Revenge, Big Money, RV Dimensions, Spliterature, Bookworm, Free Cell, Suds, Fling Shot, Mahjong Toy Chest, and Zen Gems, Just thought I’d let everyone know

    • Mary, it is meant to only be casino games so there’s a really good chance that will stop if it’s set up that way (just an FYI) so be sure to keep a close watch. I’m trying a few of the games you mentioned and am not getting tracked on any of them.

      • My first clue was that last night I only did the live trivia and straws, yet when I woke up this morning I already had 3 games credited. I did end up getting all 25 with only playing a few Bingo Bash games. Definitely not 25 Bingo Bash games and I didn’t do any other Casino games. So I don’t know. Maybe not all of them, just some of them.

  4. Again last night I only did 2 live trivias and straws after midnight Eastern but I had a count of 3 before going to bed. This morning I have only done Zen Gems, Toy Chest and live trivia but I’m up to 8. But a friend of mine did the live trivia last night only but didn’t get any on her counter. So maybe it’s just me. Kind of strange. It doesn’t really matter whether the non casino games count for me or not because I have no trouble doing enough casino games to reach 25, it’s just kind of weird especially if I’m the only one or one of very few.

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