Play Wild Savanna Slots for 200 Oodles and 10,000 Tokens

Shhh! There’s something lurking amongst the African brush. A terrifyingly HUGE jackpot is waiting to pounce in our NEW game Wild Savanna Slots.

Score 200 Oodles and 10,000 Tokens when you spin 50 times! Repeat once per day until midnight ET Tuesday 2/3.

Start your hunt now – this bonus won’t last long. Details on My GSN.Β 


36 thoughts on “Play Wild Savanna Slots for 200 Oodles and 10,000 Tokens

  1. Finally a new game with auto-spin YEA!!!!!!!!! Thank you GSN for doing this. It’s so much better. Also the payoff this weekend for just 50 spins is great. Let’s keep it up.

  2. I really enjoy the new game. It is very much like American Buffalo which I also enjoy, but in playing this morning I noticed not only the automatic counter, but if you when free spins while it is automatically spinning for you, it keeps track of where you left off so to speak. You don’t lose track (or count like I do sometimes) of how many spins you had left, it picks up when your free spins are done right where you were before. I also love the animals being animated. Nothing like a lion roaring at you while a giraffe puts in his two cents.

  3. Hi Angel…just a FYI…this promotion shows with a visit sale tab on MY GSN instead of the play now tab. I was concerned it wasn’t going to credit, but it did, no problem. Hope yinz at GSN have a great weekend.

  4. LOVE the new game as an alternative to my other favorite slots which is Buffalo! One thing though, for me it runs EXTREMELY SLOW almost in slow motion and I’ve tried different browsers on 2 different computers. Hope they can fix that. Otherwise great new game with AUTO SPIN (YEEEEAY!!!) and thanks for the promo! πŸ™‚

  5. I wish I could play it…looks like fun…the game won’t load for me neither will a couple other games I did notify the help desk but hasn’t been fixed yet. Can’t wait to play not only that I’m missing out on my promo!

  6. Today is Saturday, i have very few tokens, I’m so bored!!!….Please release tokens, I can’t even get any from daily bonus. for the Valentine Bingo can we have more than a million tokens at the end?

  7. HI ANGEL, Love the new slots savanna,and the auto spin is really nice, haven’t won a blessed thing but it’s nice to have a new one out there. O.K. now whats this about a Valantine Bingo Cheryl is talking about, it hasn;t shown up on my page yet.

  8. I like the new Savanna slots, but the payouts are terrible. I’ve been playing all weekend hoping it will change but still bad. You’re lucky to get a bonus in every 300 spins and then you get very little return. It chews up the tokens like a lion.

  9. haha “like a lion” I caught that morrisjohn πŸ˜€
    I accidently forgot to lower my bet, but in the end luckily snagged a few “Big Wins” and my tokens doubled. whew…

  10. Good, alls the players, i said, i want play en savanna slots, but havent’ tokens ,can GSN, give me tokens for play it.. ‘‘oh pleaseeeee!!! only want to play in the wonderful savanna. thankthankthankthankthankssssssssss!!!

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