Pick the Big Game Winner and Score 25,000 Tokens & 2,500 Oodles!

Congratulations New England! Tokens and Oodles were awarded on 2/3

Put your Oodles where your mouth is and back your favorite team today! Predict the winner in upcoming big game before 6PM ET Sunday 2/1  to score 25,000 Tokens and 2,500 Oodles.

Click on who you think will win: New England  VS. Seattle


*Tokens & Oodles are awarded within two business days after the end of each event. Check back here for updates.
**Only one pick per game per player. No Oodle refunds for multiple picks!
*** Do not pick both New England and Seattle if you want a chance to win Tokens and Oodles.

61 thoughts on “Pick the Big Game Winner and Score 25,000 Tokens & 2,500 Oodles!

  1. Thanks for giving oodles and not just tokens as winnings for participating in these oodlectibible games. I picked Seattle *fingers crossed* 🙂

  2. I went back into email to check what team I picked for super bowl game because I couldn’t remember and it showed I picked 2 times, once for each team. I sure don’t remember doing that so now will neither pick count?

    • Hi, neither of your picks won so you got no Tokens:
      1/13/2015 1:23 pm 1 Indianapolis Playoff Oodlectible item redeemed
      1/13/2015 1:23 pm 1 Green Bay Playoff Oodlectible item redeemed

      • How can I tell if I have picked team for super bowl I got the other picks I made mixed up with these teams I didn’t realize there were other games to pick teams for. I don’t want to pick for super bowl if I already have.

        • Jane, go to your collections box and see if you have new England or Seattle picked, or go to your Oodles transactions and check. You can check your transactions by going to My GSN > click on Oodles (look in the upper right hand corner for Tokens, Collections, Oodles), and then once the Oodles window opens, click on “Review Full Transaction History,” That lets you search by date so you can see more than just the 8-10 most recent transactions initially displayed in the Oodles window. I’m not seeing you’ve already picked one, but it’s good practice to know how to search your transactions. You do the same to track your Tokens!

  3. Just when I thought all the air went out of the Super Bowl hype. LOL. This is a great payoff if you happen to pick the winner. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo. Which collectable needs to go. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo

  4. I’m no expert on trying to predict game winners, but risking 250 oodles for a chance at winning 2500 oodles is too good to pass up. I feel the Patriots didn’t get to the Super Bowl fair and square, so here’s to the Seahawks for a win. Go Seahawks!!!

  5. Go New England Patriots!!!!! Thanks for offering to win oodles along with the bonus tokens Angel. This is going to be a fun super bowl game. Which I’m watching on my T.V. right now. Give 100% with everything you got Patriots and good luck!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Angel.
    Checked my oodles and tokens and nothing received for the football picks and I picked both winners. Are we to contact player services?

    • Hi, playoffs only got Tokens, not Oodles. You were awarded on 1/20:

      1:58 pm New England Playoff Game winner 25,000
      1:52 pm Seattle Playoff Game winner 25,000

  7. WOOHOO!!!!
    My TEAM WON!!!
    thank you very much for the tokens and oodles in advance
    YAY TEAM!!

  8. Well, I voted for Seattle and they lost. I said the groundhog would not see his shadow. I lost. If there is one thing for sure, I am consistently wrong!
    I’m telling you people, always check out who or what I am voting for, then vote the opposite. You will win every time!! LOL
    Congrats to all who did win.

  9. Yes I won now I get everything and I am happy they won. I am a New England fan because I am from New England but now live in Ohio. Yes Yes Yes

  10. Hahahah, not only did I pick New England here but in a weekly local newspaper I picked New England 28 Seattle 24…its a double win for me!!!!!!

  11. I picked New England because I hate the Seahawks. They are poor sports and bad winners (they brag when they’ve won by luck). Though I won the challenge, I sure thought I had lost with 30 seconds to go and Seattle had second down on the one yard line and the best runner in the game. Then they pulled the greatest bone head play in the history of the NFL. Thanks Pete Carrol.

  12. hi where can I find the credits. I don’t know where to look. this is my 1’st computer and at 71 I am still learning how to use it. thanks for your help.

    • Hi, you were credited on 2/3/2015 12:21 pm Big Game Oodlectible winner. If you have the time, this is a good read. It explains how to check Token (and Oodle) balances. Have a great weekend!

  13. I have 25000 token to retrieve and I want to know how to retrieve them name is Robert Johnson so thank you for this hopefully that you able to help me retrieve those 25000 token

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